Mar 07 2021

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Getting Down With Your Divine Support Squad

Are you interested in developing or deepening a personal relationship with The Divine (God, Goddess, Source, Universe, Creator, All That Is, etc)?

So far this year, from conversations and questions in the Embodied Living Center, to what’s coming up in my clients’ Akashic Records readings, as well a lot of reminders through my own daily interaction with my Divine Support Squad (DSS)- it’s SO LOUD that in 2021, we have more support than ever (likely because we’re gonna need it… which is not something to be afraid of, it’s just real.)

In this workshop you’ll learn how to connect with and work with all the different levels and layers of Divine support that are available to you.

Specifically, I’ll cover:

-How to expand your capacity and willingness to be supported by the Divine.

-How to release and work through old religious programming or beliefs that no longer serve you or feel aligned.

-How to develop practices and rituals that feel true to you and deeply nourishing to you.

-How to have “two-way” conversations with all the Divine Beings who love you, guide you, protect you, and support you unconditionally, and of course, identify who “they” are.

-How to “come out” as “spiritual” in your life if that’s something that feels important to you. (I put these things in quotes because they will mean different things to different people, which we’ll discuss in the workshop as well).-The relationship between Divine Support and intuition, and the role your body plays with both.

-What to do when fear creeps up and you can’t or don’t feel supported by your Divine Support Squad

-The difference between Divine Support, working with your Ancestors, and accessing the wisdom of your own soul.

A really juicy, nourishing, supportive, and robust relationship with The Divine is available to EVERYONE.

My vision is that after this workshop you’ll feel excited and ready to cultivate or deepen your relationship to your own Divine Support, and begin to enjoy that incomparable love immensely – especially during these damn pandemic times when so many are needing it more than ever!

Pay What You Can

NOTE: All of our workshops are now being offered at sliding scale rates – there are three options – lowest dollar, middle dollar, and highest dollar. Please choose the rate that genuinely works best for you and your current budget. This is meant to reduce stress and increase accessibility – please don’t overthink it, just go with what feels best to you!




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