May 22 2021

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Less Control

During this workshop I’ll guide you through some tried and tested Wild Soul ways to release control tendencies, and heal the fears and insecurities that keep you wanting to control things.


Specifically, I’ll cover:

-Self-honesty about control – what you try to control most.

-The two things you resist most when you’re trying to control things – surrender and trust.

-Identifying where you are most resistant to surrender and trust.

-Identifying your biggest fears and how they keep you trying and wanting to control things.

-How to work with feelings and emotions related to fear and control using the feelings wheel

-Discerning what is in your control and what is not.

-Letting go of control without freaking yourself out.

-The role of compassion and forgiveness in letting go of control.

My vision is that after this workshop you’ll feel a ton of relief and find it much easier to stop trying to control SO MANY things, which in turn will give you “your life” back!

Pay What You Can

NOTE: All of our workshops are now being offered at sliding scale rates – there are three options – lowest dollar, middle dollar, and highest dollar. Please choose the rate that genuinely works best for you and your current budget. This is meant to reduce stress and increase accessibility – please don’t overthink it, just go with what feels best to you!




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