Jul 04 2021

Payment Types


More Magic

During this workshop, I’ll guide you through some non-oppressive and non-spiritual bypassing methods for manifesting your soul’s desires with greater clarity, focus, ease, and FUN!

Specifically, I’ll cover:

-Why the Law of Attraction ain’t it and better, more responsible ways for relating to “frequency” and “vibration”

-Being discerning about choosing what you want to manifest to increase the likelihood and effectiveness of your manifestations

-The practice of Wild Dreaming

-The Art of Allowing

-Recommendations for meditations, journaling prompts, and reflections to “speed” your manifestations along.

When and Where:


  • The workshop will be a Zoom Webinar and you won’t be on camera so just come comfy and ready to take notes!
  • I’ll have time for Q+A at the end.
  • It will be recorded and you’ll receive the replay within 72 hours.



Pay What You Can

NOTE: All of our workshops are now being offered at sliding scale rates – there are three options – lowest dollar, middle dollar, and highest dollar. Please choose the rate that genuinely works best for you and your current budget. This is meant to reduce stress and increase accessibility – please don’t overthink it, just go with what feels best to you!




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