Teacher Training

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Elizabeth run teacher training?

Twice a year. Each cohort is six months. There’s a Fall Cohort that starts August/September and a Spring Cohort that starts March/April.

What can I do once I’m certified?

Once you are certified you can either teach classes according to the format you learn in training under the Wild Soul Movement name, you can teach at your own retreats or workshops, you can teach as a guest to other people’s retreats and workshops, or you can incorporate WSM as an embodiment practice into your own body of work. Elizabeth will help you figure out which is most aligned for you during your training.

Can I miss any days of the teacher training?

You must attend all the days of the online initiation training and the graduation retreat to receive a certification and be eligible to teach paid classes.

Are books and materials included in the price of the training?

The training manual and a Wild Soul Oracle deck is included. The costs of any required reading or listening is not included in the tuition. They typically total less than $75.

When will I find out if I have been accepted into the program?

Once you submit your application you’ll hear from Elizabeth within 48 hours to schedule a time to discuss your application. During that call you’ll decide together if Teacher Training is a good fit for you, and if so, what kind of payment plan and which cohort would work best for you.

What is the monthly time requirement for the training?

Between practice teaching sessions, your own personal practice and teaching 10 practice classes over your 6 months, minimally 5-10 hours a month.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes! It’s important that anyone coming into Teacher Training have context for and experience with the Wild Soul Movement practice. Elizabeth does not training people with zero WSM experience. So, to join Wild Soul Movement Teacher training you need to have completed any of the following:
-a round of the Wild Soul Movement Virtual program or the year-long POWER program
-attended a Wild Soul Movement Weekend Workshop
-at least two months in the Embodied Living Center and/or at least 10 Wild Soul Movement sessions.

Will I be able to teach paid Wild Soul Movement classes after the Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training?

Hopefully! Elizabeth reserves the right to require any teacher in training to practice or repeat parts of the training if they do not pass their final teaching exam at the graduation retreat.

How do I know if Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training is right for me?

If even one or two things on this list resonate for you, Teacher Training could be a great next step on your path…
-You have a huge desire to contribute to and have an impact on the world but don’t know where to start.
-You have no real desire to create your own movement practice, content or program from scratch, but you would love to integrate something you value and believe in into your work.
-You’d love to be part of a community and team of like-mind-heart-souled women.
-You’ve done WSM, know how potent of a practice it is and would love to deepen your own personal practice.
-You’ve done WSM, know how potent of a practice it is and would love to bring it to your friends and family, local community, or even travel the world teaching it.
-You’re someone others turn to for advice and guidance, or notice that even perfect strangers open up to you with their life stories quite easily.
-You prefer to live from your heart, gut or intuition, and would like to anchor into this more deeply as a lifestyle and possible career path.
– You’re drawn to one or more of these things: energy, healing, integration of masculine and feminine energy, ancient wisdom, embodiment, discernment, loving your body, spirituality, social justice, collective liberation, body positivity, new health paradigms, empowerment, women rising, transformation, growth, mindset work, reprogramming the subconscious mind, manifesting, rituals.
-Not appropriating from other cultures or practices is important to you.
-You lean towards an entrepreneurial, freelance lifestyle, or want to be a more proactive “CEO of your career.”
– In spite of your successful career or existing accomplishments, you still crave something, “more satisfying to the soul.”
– You’re set in your career but would love to add something on the side for fun or for more income.
-You’ve read Elizabeth’s book, Untame Yourself, listen to the Truth Telling Podcast, and/or follow her on social media and feel safe, inspired, a kinship or just super drawn to the Wild Soul Movement and culture.
-You just know in your bones that you want to be part of this team or work with Elizabeth more closely.

How exactly does the Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training work?

Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training is a six month certification training with an online initiation weekend and an in person gathering at the end for graduation.

  • All digital content is easy to access and complete. You will also receive a training manual in the mail – yay for physical things!
  • Teachers who complete certification will be eligible to join the Wild Soul team and teach online in the EMBODIED Living Center as a paid instructor.
  • August 2020 will kick off a new six month cohort. We’ll wrap up training in February for the August cohort and have our live gathering in March 2021 (Location will be either Los Angeles or The SF Bay Area)
  • The weekends of August 15-16, and September 19-20 are the two options for the August cohort to attend virtual initiation for the training. It’s a 6 hour live training. 3 hours on Sat and 3 hours on Sun.
  • During the six months, trainees need to teach 10 practice classes which can be done both online and in person.
  • At least one of those classes will have to be via Zoom and Elizabeth will attend along with any volunteers from the EMBODIED Living community – so she can evaluate the teacher and give some notes.
  • Trainees also need to have two of their practice classes that Elizabeth doesn’t attend either in person or online fill out evaluation forms which the team will provide.
  • We’ll have monthly gatherings to practice teach on Zoom, those will be optional but encouraged. Elizabeth is excited to be able to give trainees notes and see the progress over our six months together in these monthly gatherings. The purpose here is to prepare trainees to become capable teachers right out of completing the certification.
  • The full investment for Teacher Training is $3000 paid in full or $3300 on a payment plan (we determine over how many months together, 9 is the maximum, and all payments are set up on auto-pay).
  • There are also partial scholarship and work exchange opportunities available. If you’re interested in one of those, there’s a place on the application to let Elizabeth know so you can discuss the terms together.
What’s included in the digital content portal?

-Intro to the Wild Soul Movement Practice – a bit of back story and how Wild Soul Movement came to be, the four components that are synthesized into the practice and why, and a few stories about how the practice has evolved since its inception in 2013.

-The 10 Core Truths and Wisdom Teachings of Wild Soul Movement Explained

-A Simple Embodiment Practice Video – use this anytime you need or want to get out of your head and into your body

-A “Yes, No, Truth” Practice Video For Developing Discernment – my students have been using this practice for years to make decisions ranging from, “What do I want for lunch?” to deciding whether or not to get induced for labor. It’s that useful!

-How To Create Your Own Home Practice – learn the 12 basic movements of WSM, four ways to write your own mantras, how to incorporate meditation and reflection into your practice, and guidance on how often and when to practice in accordance with where you are on your journey and what kind of care and nourishment you’re needing.

-A Full Length Wild Soul Movement Practice video using one of the most popular mantras in the Oracle Deck.

-Two Easy Energy Hygiene Practices – learn how to clear negative or heavy energy from your field, raise your vibration, and ground yourself.

-The Healing Power of Dance (whether you have any rhythm, skills or not)

-Basic Anatomy Training video

-Intro To Energy Centers of The Body Known As The Chakra System (Optional for those who are interested)

-Holding Space, Creating Containers and Ethical Facilitation + Communication

-The Signature 90-Minute Class Format


Audio #1: What Is Embodiment? (And Why Is It Everything?)

Audio #2: Breaking The Lineage Ritual – this corresponds to card #16 in the Wild Soul Oracle deck.

Bonus Content:
-The Wild Soul Tool Kit – Over a dozen go-to practices, rituals, and meditations to apply to specific day-to-day situations (ie, New Moon, Full Moon, General Presence, Mindfully Nourishing Your Body with Food, Energizing a New Endeavor and more…) PLUS a PDF guide to Honoring Cycles, Seasons, and the Elements Of Your Body and the Earth

-Freedom in 44 – Free yourself from a variety of things and deepen your embodiment work with 44 days of short Wild Soul Movement practices and reflection questions. Freedom includes 44 is 22 audios and 22 videos.

-Wild Soul Movement Archives – over 50 practice videos from every session of Wild Soul Movement I’ve run since 2014

-2016 Teacher Training workshop videos on the original pathways to Healing + Wholeness

-Updated live workshop on the new pathways – Love + Truth, date TBD