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Fast Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight For Your Wedding

A few years ago when I was still training clients in the gym I was a bride magnet. At one point I think I was training nine brides at once and I loved it! Brides are the most dedicated clients because they have a compelling date in the calendar to look better than ever.



I wasn’t too surprised when Cindy’s “Ask Liz” question was for fast weight loss tips to lose weight for her wedding. Now, you know me. I’m never going to advocate doing crazy, desperate or unhealthy stuff to get ready for an event, even if it is the most important day of your life. There’s plenty of healthy, safe, and effective ways to tighten up in time to fit into a wedding dress.

Click Play for my tips…and if you’re getting married this Fall, click here to download the FREE bridal body guide I put together Countdown To Bridal Beauty: 5 Must Do’s to Look and Feel Amazing When You Say “I Do”

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Fast Weight Loss Tips To Lose Weight For Your Wedding