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Full Body Fat Burning Workout For Women

This is a full body fat burning workout that you can do anywhere, anytime.  The only equipment you need is a set of dumb bells (or if you’re at home with no dumb bells, some soup cans or water bottles make great substitutes!).

Click PLAY on the video to see the exercises.

Workout instructions:

There are 4 exercises, you’ll perform each for 60 seconds and do a cardio burst of Jump Squats between each exercise.
Complete the circuit4x.

1. Squat Press 60sec
– Jump Squats 30sec
2. Push Up Row 60sec
– Jump Squats 30sec
3. Lunge Curl 60sec
– Jump Squats 30sec
4. Plank Jacks 60sec

Rest as needed throughout the workout. Rest 30-60sec between each circuit.

If you’re looking for a convenient timer, I love the Kettlebell Timer App on my iPhone/iPad!

Full Body Fat Burning Workout For Women