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Getting What You Want In Life Is Easier Than You Think (Hint: All You Have To Do Is Ask)

Fact: The word manifesting kind of drives me crazy AND I believe it anyway. AND I’m really effing good at it.

Before you roll your eyes and close out of the post because maybe you’re not super into woo woo new age mumbo jumbo or because you also think the word is over used or maybe you want to punch people who talk about the Law of Attraction all the time – remember whose blog you’re reading.

You’re in #wildsoul country here and ain’t nobody got time for talking about things without results to back it up or clear steps on how.

So, yes, a little bit of this will be esoteric AND I’ve got some hella practical tips and a really cool story (AKA proof this shit works!) for you, too.


Ask for it.

Clearly and specifically.

And then let it go – meaning don’t attach to how it will show up. Be aware of any ideas you have around how it may show up, and be open to letting it look different.

As you wait, get on with your Life. Don’t be nervous or think about it too much, just be excited. Like a kid on Christmas Eve who just *knows* what they ask for will be under the tree the next morning, because they’re a kid, they don’t know any better so joyous expectancy is how they roll.

(Yes, I acknowledge that not every child has the privilege to ask for a gift and expect to receive it, let’s just keep our eyes on the prize here and not miss the message by putting your righteous indignation pants on for a sec, cool?)

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I did this just an hour or so before writing this post, which is why I’m writing it. Here’s the story.

Last week the mega inspiring Angela Lauria shared in a Facebook post how she has a vision for totally unwavering excellence in her life and no tolerance for adequacy. Socks with holes get trashed immediately and she upgrades to fresh socks- cashmere even. Anything broken or not 100% satisfactory – upgrades it.

And she mentioned that when she started living like she was earning $100k/month (instead of waiting around for it to happen first) it wasn’t very long before she had her first $100k month.

That same day I looked at my phone which had started doing weird shit like letting me text some people and not others, screen freezing and etc and upgraded to an iPhone 6, 64 gig. Gimme all the storage, baby.

In a few weeks I’m traveling to Austin for a personal development mastermind for entrepreneurs. The host of the event sent a list of hotels to choose from ranging in price/level of luxury and I felt inspired but nervous to book my stay at one of the nicer places. I normally wouldn’t do this. I’d normally try and find a cheaper deal, or an Airbnb, but I thought of Angela saying, “Adequate? Fuck that.”

My total stay will be 6 nights so I looked up how much it would cost and it made me really doubt myself. It started raising all the questions of, “Is this a waste? I never spend this kind of money on travel. Who do I think I am? I don’t need this. blah blah blah…”

So rather than be impulsive about it, I decided to ask for some Divine support. When I ask for things I always write them out, makes it feel more REAL to me.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal…

I want to follow the inspiration Angela offered – to have no tolerance for adequacy and live like I earn $100k/month. If I am to stay at the nicer place for my entire Austin visit, please show me LOUDLY – CLEARLY that it is so. What I need to feel is full, abundant, safe and taken care of OR just completely awe struck at how obvious it is. I would love to decide by Friday 3/13. If I don’t perceive the sign by then, I will make another arrangement. Thank you!”

Then I played the “I wonder…” game that I learned from Sonia Choquette when I interviewed her for Untame The Wild Soul Woman.

“I wonder if it will look like a gift?” Some unexpected money? A new client? A retreat spot filled? An investor proposal?”

And you know what happened???

Not even two hours later I got an email that I earned an extra $3000 I wasn’t expecting.

Awe struck at how obvious it is – CHECK.
Unexpected money – CHECK.

So I booked it, celebrated with myself and thanked the Divine for working so quickly on my behalf and always having my back.

Now before I recap how this works, I want to pause and make sure you know that this works for all kinds of things not just money related. I know conversations around money can be triggering for some. This just happened to be around money and lifestyle upgrades today.

You can try this process on ANYTHING.

Process in Review:

1. Ask for what you want (can be guidance or a sign like my story or a specific thing), write it out, be clear and specific not just about what you want, but how you want it or need it to feel if you’re to say Yes to it or recognize it as having come to fruition. This is important because to break away from the conditioning of small thinking that most of us have we have to get used to seeing what we are not accustomed to looking for.

It’s kind of like the difference between a regular photo and the panoramic view.

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2. Wait with joyous expectancy – which may include visualizing it. Imagining how you’ll feel when your thing or your Divine guidance or support arrives. Will you squeal with delight? Tell somebody? Fist pump? Do a dance? Have fun producing the mental movie of getting what you want.

3. When you get your sign or whatever it is you asked for CELEBRATE it and THANK the Divine. Really feel the fullness of having your wants, needs or desires met. Feel the immense pleasure of support. One of my favorite celebratory phrases is, “Yes please, more of this!!”

4. Take action and claim it. This is where TRUST comes in.

I know there will be temptation to get what you asked for and talk yourself out of receiving it. Don’t do that.

Accepting and receiving is how we show the Divine to keep the blessings coming. – Click To Tweet

One final note for you – if this is something you’ve never done before – give it a try on something small at first. It can even be something like, “Show me I’m moving in the right direction here.” This practice is like building a muscle at the gym, you’re not going to start out with the heaviest weights, that would be demoralizing. Start where you feel safe and comfortable and progress from there.

Getting What You Want In Life Is Easier Than You Think (Hint: All You Have To Do Is Ask)