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Grocery Shopping Alert!

This blog post will be short and to the point but HELPFUL!

So many of us KNOW deep down inside that things like 100 calorie packs, Lean Cuisine frozen meals and anything else that seems like a “shortcut” to a better diet probably isn’t as wholesome for our bodies as we’d like to hope and believe (since they still taste relatively good and they’re quick solutions).

Inspired by an article on Yahoo! today I wanted to share some quick tips with you for when you find yourself in the grocery store trying to make good decisions.

First read this articles on 9 Ingredients to Avoid…

Now ask yourself, do you even read labels? If you don’t it’s a great habit to get into.  You can’t really expect to lose weight, get healthy or nourish your body properly if you’re not even monitoring to what EXACTLY your putting into it.


If there are more than 3-4 ingredients in something-it’s probably not a great choice.


Not being able to pronounce one or more of the ingredients on a list is a bad sign.  Put it back on the shelf and get the hell out of there! 😛


I’m calling this the broken record rule because if you follow the blog regularly, this will not be the first time you’ve read this.  Sticking to foods that either grew out of the earth or come from animals is a sound method to keeping a healthy diet.

So hit the grocery store with more clarity and direction this weekend my friends…GOOD LUCK!

Grocery Shopping Alert!