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How To Overcome Fear

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Ever cry 17x in 2 weeks?

…or think stuff like this to yourself?

“You can’t do it.”

“You’re going to fail.”

Be honest, maybe not right at this moment, but as some point in the last week (or the last day), you’ve probably had some kind of negative emotion, worry thought, or fear cross your mind.

Personally, the month of August was kicking my ass up until this past weekend which is why I chose to answer this particular question for Ask Liz this week. (And Yes, 17x is about how many times I cried in the last two weeks…busted!)

Overcoming fear is no easy task.  I once had a coach who said his job was to ask me the questions I needed answers to.

In this episode of Ask Liz, I walk through a step-by-step process of how to overcome fear and some important questions to ask yourself along the way

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I suspect a lot of people aren’t even ready for the content in this video, it’s a bit outside the usual scope of my advice, but there’s onlyone way to find out.  CLICK PLAY to watch the video now.

And when you finish, tell me in the comments what you do when you notice fear is holding you back.

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How To Overcome Fear