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Free Motivational Videos – Human Powered Awesome with Natalie Sisson

February is truly a month of LOVE.  It’s everywhere.

Here it is in around NYC:



But I’m not just talking about romantic love.  I’ve been witness to many forms of love lately.  Hanging with many of my entrepreneurial friends, I see deep love and passion for their creativity, for inspiring greatness in others across many different industries. I see an abundant capacity for giving with no expectation of what they might get in return…and it inspires the sh*t out of me.

My girl Natalie Sisson is no exception. She is embarking on a journey across Africa, ON A BICYCLE to support, for 6445km (approx 4000 miles). Learn more in this 2-minute video she made just for you (you’re going to love her accent!):



Like Natalie mentioned in the video, I’m donating half of the sales for Tighterin 10 Days between 2/7-2/21 to her cause. I’m also having a Valentine’s Day Sale during those dates which means you can get your hands on the program for just $29.

So if you want to look your best fast (or in time for Valentine’s Day!), now is the PERFECT time because half of your money will go to

Click here to get  Tighter in 10 and donate half of it to now.

Free Motivational Videos – Human Powered Awesome with Natalie Sisson