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Interval Cardio- Hill Walk/Run Workout 52 min.

After months of exercise that yields only marginal results, we’re sometimes forced to ask ourselves, what gives?!

More often than not, all you need is to switch it up but picking up intensity, varying your routine, or adjusting the time.  Here is a 52 minute treadmill workout, including warm up and cool down time to rev up your EPOC (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption- which basically means your body is burning more calories/using more energy for a longer period of time after you’ve finished exercising), metabolism and help you burn more fat!

I know what some of you are thinking…52 minutes?! Are you NUTS? No I am not…one of the many benefits of interval work is how quickly time passes when you’re switching up the pace/activity every few minutes.  You should be pleasantly surprised by how fast 52 minutes goes by (and how many calories you burn!).

The Workout

5 min walk at 3.7 mph and 5.0 incline (this is your warm up)

Run a 10 minute mile 6.0 mph and 2.0 incline

5 min walk at 4.0 mph and a 10.0 incline (try not to hold on)

Run another 10 minute mile at 2.0 incline

5 min walk at 4.0 mph at 12.0 incline

Last 10 minute mile at 2.0

5 minute walk at 4.0 mph and 15.o incline (finish strong!!)

2 min cooldown walk at 3.5mph at 2.o incline (you can always extend the cooldown by  turning down the speed and incline to get back to normal breathing and heart rate if you’re not there yet after 2 minutes)

As always, listen to your body.  This is a challenging 52 minutes, if you find yourself short of breath, dizzy or your heart rate feels too high, slow down and breath deeply in through your nose, out through your mouth until you are in a more comfortable place.  It’s your workout, you can adjust the speed and incline as needed, but don’t forget to push yourself.  You make the greatest gains when you push yourself beyond your comfort zone!

Interval Cardio- Hill Walk/Run Workout 52 min.