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Jump Rope Workout: Get Fit in 24 Minutes

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Don't worry, this isn't part of the workout!

I originally wrote this article for The Beauty Bean.  To clarify a few things, like the title, I’m not saying you’ll be fit in just 24 minutes.  You’ll be more fit, if you do this 24 minute workout a few times a week, or just incorporate it into your routine at least once a week along with the other things you do, since it’s a change, and therefore a shock to your body.

Retro workouts are all the rage. Between kettlebells and hula-hoops, it seems like the more “vintage” the exercise, the more on trend it is. Jump rope is no exception. Unfortunately, for many of us, the skills that once had us ruling recess are no longer with us.

Whether it’s this article or that insanely fit person at the gym that has you hoping to hone your hopping skills, we’re here to help. But rather than embarrassing yourself as you sorely stumble, read on! We’ll take you from hopeful hopper to jubilant jumper in no time!

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Jumping rope is not only a fun throwback to the days of recess and playdates, but also an extremely challenging cardiovascular workout. Just for perspective, jumping rope can burn anywhere from 11 to 20 calories per minute (depending on the intensity), the elliptical (highly dependent on factors like resistance, incline and speed) on average, burns between 8 and 12 calories per minute. More so than it’s caloric burn though (since here at The Beauty Bean that’s never our focus anyway), jumping rope also builds endurance, speed and coordination, which can improve performance in other activities such as running, boxing, tennis and more.

Mastering The Moves

Jumping rope is more than, well, just jumping over the rope. As with any “sport,” if you will, there are a variety of moves and approaches.

Hopping Jump.  This movement is a great warm-up as its lower on the intensity side.  More than likely, this is how you jumped rope in elementary school. The rope moves slowly enough that you have time to jump over it and do one little two-foot hop before you have to jump over it again.

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Straight Jump. This “regular jump rope.” Just cranking the rope and jumping over it each time it comes around without a hop in between.  Want to pick up the intensity? Crank the rope faster.

Skip Rope.  Here, one foot jumps over the rope at a time and you will alternate legs (think: high knees).  To up the intensity here, you can jump more than once on one leg (try, for example, two jumps right, two jumps left or three hopes right, three jumps left), you can pick up the speed or you can raise your knees higher in between jumps.

Side to Side. This is exactly what it sounds like. Just jump with two feet, alternating side to side.

Front to Back.  Instead of side to side here, keep feet together and alternate jumping forward and backward.

Jacks.  Think jumping jacks here, alternate between jumping with your feet together and then jumping with your feet apart.

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Scissors.  Similar to jumping jacks but this time the feet split to the front and back, not out to the sides.

The 24 Minute Workout

Warm up for 2 minutes with the straight jump or hopping jump.

1 minute Skip Rope
30 seconds rest
1 minute Side to Side
30 seconds rest
1 minutes Front to Back
30 seconds rest
1 minute Jacks
30 seconds rest
1 minute Scissors
30 seconds rest

Repeat above series 3 times.

2 minute cool down with the Straight Jump or Hopping Jump.

During the resting periods, don’t just stand still. Instead, walk around to catch your breath or, if you’re super fit, do some push ups or hold a plank. And remember: you can always raise or lower the intensity of the workout by adjusting your speed.

Jump Rope Workout: Get Fit in 24 Minutes