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Me, You, Nike and Audrey Hepburn

FYI: This post is longer than usual for me, but it’s really good (if I do say so myself) so read the whole thing because I need you to comment at the end (really, you need you to comment, you’ll see why when we get there.)


We all do things we know we shouldn’t do.  We eat bad food, skip workouts, watch all day marathons of Bravo TV, and shop when we know it’s smarter to save-just to name a few.  What’s funny is, we allow ourselves to be surprised when we’re not making any progress.  According to Einstein, this is insane.

For most people, their workout regimens are pretty insane because they do the same sh*t for weeks, months and even years at a time.  If your workouts don’t change, your body won’t change either.

Some believe that people can’t change.  I know this is false.  I help people change all the time-their bodies, their attitudes, their overall health.  And, I’ve made some pretty big changes in my own life over the last year.  For example-I did something this weekend, I probably wouldn’t have done a year ago-the proof is in the pudding that CHANGE IS POSSIBLE! (or in my case, the cheesecake.)

I started dating a pretty amazing guy before I moved up to NYC and he was up for a visit.  Since his favorite dessert is cheesecake I decided to find the best cheesecake in NYC (Junior’s in Times Square in case you’re curious)…one dessert never killed anyone.

I ordered the Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake (yes, that’s strawberry cheesecake in between two sections of strawberry shortcake-gluttonous genius) and it was literally the size of my face.

Old Liz, the one who weighed 16 lbs more than me and would eat just to eat or because something tasted good-would have kept eating beyond the point of discomfort that occurred about 1/2 way through this delicious pink and white marvel.

Me? I stopped, pushed it away-and asked Sergio, our waiter to take it away, please.  This was 100% an act of respect for my body -I ordered the dessert to enjoy myself, reward myself even-but not to punish myself.  I’ll say it again-I had Sergio take away the cheesecake.  People CAN change.

I say this to you all the time and I’m happily saying it again…if I can do it, you can do it. Ready to make some changes? Read on…


After cheesecake we walked up to the Nike Store on 57th Street…the biggest one I’ve ever been to.  I wish I had taken a picture on my phone (no doubt I’ll be heading back soon to do just that for motivation).  Have you ever noticed the mannequins in a Nike store? They’re not the standard male/female design like you see in a normal department store.  The physiques are stunning-like molded in the likeness of greek gods and goddesses-unbelievable.

I’m not sure if I was feeling like I needed to make a bold statement in revolt against the cheesecake or what-but in the middle of Nike on 57th I decided that my next major goal for my body would be to get my legs to look like the mannequin.

You probably see what’s coming next…I want to know what your goal is going to be?


If you’re  regular to the blog you know I LOVE quotes.

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I also love serendipitous timing.  After setting my quasi-ridiculous, but super exciting goal-I came across this quote last night:


Clearly, my new mantra-and maybe yours too?

So this is how we’re all going to get started on the path to the best shape of our lives:

#1.  You have to believe me, whether you’ve seen it in your own life before or not-but people can change.  You can change...and I’m going to help you.

#2.  Stop being insane. You can’t keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results.  You’ll only keep getting what you’re getting.

#3.  Set a big scary goal. Make it something you’ve pretty much counted yourself out of.  Up until this weekend I told myself I’d have thick thighs and a fat ass forever-it’s just how my body is shaped.  I’m no longer willing to accept that.  The goal is set, the game is on and I want you in the trenches with me.  What is your goal?  Leave it in the comments.

#4. You and your big scary goal ARE 100% possible.  I believe it for you right now, all I ask is that you start entertaining the thought if you’re not 100% confident to accept the challenge just yet. If you are-right on, woman!

#5.  Leave a comment below with two things.  First, your big scary goal and second to let me know what your current workout routine consists of.  Just like last week where I helped you figure out how to make your breakfast more efficient for energy and power-this week I’m going to give you suggestions on how to improve your workouts.

Next week, we get back into Healthy Eating 101-that series is going to make a huge difference for your big scary goal too, since exercise is not the only component.  I am super pumped to do this with you ladies, can’t wait to read all of your goals and get cranking with advice for your workouts!




Me, You, Nike and Audrey Hepburn