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Meet BodyRock Sport and founder Kelly Dooley

I walk into Starbucks on 35th and 5th Ave a few weeks ago to meet Kelly Dooley.  I am instantly convinced by her bold hot pink lipstick that I am about to sit down with one confident, butt-kicking lady–I was right!

Avid fitness enthusiast and runner-turned-triathlete, Kelly combines her two passions-fitness and fashion in her sports bra and fitness top collection for BodyRock Sport. (New collection to debut this July!)  As a person who’s always looking for a good sports bra and frequently rocks two at a time, I was very interested to try them on.  (and boy did that little baby changing station come in handy in Starbucks’ bathroom! :P)

The sports bras were both supportive and sexy.  With unique features like iPod pockets, and side zippers (especially functional for people recovering from any kind of surgery where you can’t raise your arms above your head), I was impressed with the ingenuity.

Do you teach group exercise classes and need a spot for your head set? No problem, some of the bras come with a pocket in the back for that too!

In addition to all this function, the designs are way more exciting than the usual Nike and Champion sports bras I’m used to.  From bedazzled jewels to bright colors, camouflage and mesh–you’ll find yourself encouraged to ditch the tank top and show off your sports bra.

Inspired by Kelly’s mission to spread the word about BodyRock, I asked her what advice she’d offer women for a book I’m writing called SUPERWOMAN’S HANDBOOK.

“You don’t have to please everybody,” she said, “There are always going to be haters.  The sooner you can say ‘I am who I am’ you can focus on being both confident and secure.  You can start to communicate with confidence and be decisive, get over the fear of rejection and remember, stop comparing yourself to others.   There’s a place for you in this world no matter what.”

Want to learn more about BodyRock, Kelly and the newest collection…check out website and become a fan on Facebook!

Meet BodyRock Sport and founder Kelly Dooley