Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the EMBODIED Living Center and The Institute for EMBODIED Living?
The Institute for EMBODIED Living is the overall platform on Mighty Networks where all of Elizabeth’s offerings live: The EMBODIED Living Center, The Embodied Self Love Mini Courses, The Wild Soul Archetypes Mini Course, and Wild Soul Movement Teacher Training.

The EMBODIED Living Center is a monthly membership with over 200 embodiment classes in an on-demand library – 6 new classes added each month, a new workshop each month, and much more…

To learn more about the EMBODIED Living Center click here.

What are the members like who join?
Elizabeth refers to the community as like mind-heart-souled people. It’s a diverse community across age, body, sexuality, race, ethnicity, education, socio-economic status, and our members live all over the world. Essentially what everyone has in common is they are down for embodying self love, healing, wholeness and liberation, collective healing and liberation, and they respect other people’s journeys along the way.
Can I be sure this is a safe or inclusive space for me?
Elizabeth is always working to ensure her spaces are “as safe as possible” – there’s no such thing as a totally safe space when there’s such a broad and diverse range of people joining from countries all over the world and with so many different lived experiences.

She’s taken classes with Desiree Adaway and Dr Tee Williams on Anti-Racism, Social Justice and Liberatory Consciousness. She’s also taken trauma classes with Irene Lyon and Brigit Viksnins. She’s interviewed several experts in these fields for her podcast and programs over the years, and is a forever student of them as well. The list of books she’s read and work she’s done with professionals to unpack her own beliefs and experiences is also extensive.

However, we do recommend, rather than taking our word for it, tjoin us and see how you feel and if it feels safe to you personally. We don’t presume to make that assessment for anybody. And if you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on the contact page or message us through Mighty Networks if you join – we’re always happy to receive feedback so we can learn and implement better practices when appropriate.

Is the live class schedule the same every month?
No it changes every month and every member has unlimited access to on demand class libraries with over 200 classes and counting so you’ll never be at a loss for a class.
Are the live classes recorded?

Yes! Every class is recorded and filed in our on demand class libraries.

How do I access recordings?

In the Mighty Networks portal under your EMBODIED Living Center membership, click “Topics” under the navigation. Everything you need will be there and it’s all organized alphabetically to be easy to find.

Can I access the platform / classes / recordings from my phone or tablet?

Yes! Mighty Networks has a great app that you can download to access everything easily from mobile devices. You can also access through a web browser, but the app experience is definitely best

Will other people be able to see me if I join live classes?

The only time people can see you is for the monthly Zoom community check in and Q+A call – and you always have the option to turn your video off. The rest of the classes all get streamed from Vimeo and no one is visible but Elizabeth. People can’t even see who’s in attendance.

Are there any equipment or space requirements to participate?

For meditations, Wild Soul MOVEMENT and Erotic Body Movement there is no equipment required. A yoga mat is recommended – but a blanket or a carpet works, too. For Wild Soul SWEAT every workout is designed to be done without any equipment, and sometimes equipment like dumb bells or resistance bands are optional. The only class that requires equipment is Sacred Body Work. Elizabeth uses Yoga Tune Up Balls for this class and does not recommend using alternatives, though, some people still do.

I’m hoping to make some friends, is connecting with other members encouraged?

Yes! This is one of the reasons the EMBODIED Living Center exists – to connect like-mind,heart,souled people, AND why we host the monthly community check in and Q+A call on Zoom – so members can connect names to faces and get to know each other. We’re also looking forward to creating to meet ups and local events for people to connect with folks in their areas once the pandemic is over.

Can I post questions and get support outside of calls and classes?

Yes! And for people who love organization, the space is organized around are a variety of topics and categories so you can post under the exact relevant thing you’re wanting support about.

Is Elizabeth the only teacher?

For now, yes. In the Spring of 2021, some Wild Soul Movement Certified Teachers will be invited to teach in the space as well to add some specialized classes like mother-daughter, pre and post natal, modified for sitting, and etc. Elizabeth will also start hosting some guest teachers in the Summer of 2021

How do I change my payment information?

The platform we use is called Mighty Networks and there’s a tab to edit any profile or payment information on your account anytime.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can do this from your account anytime and will keep access through the last day of the month that you’ve paid for already.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds. You are welcome to cancel your membership anytime if you’re unsatisfied with it or aren’t using it. 

Are there any perks for referring my friends to join?

Yes! We have an ambassador program with 3 reward tiers.

Are there any extra perks to being a member?

Yes all members get 15% off on Akashic Records Readings and EMBODIED Healing sessions with Elizabeth. They also get first dibs on tickets for live events (at some point in the future when we’re running live events again).

What are the embodiment tools and practices Elizabeth teaches in the ELC?

The main tools and practices are:

Wild Soul Movement
A healing movement method that uses sensual movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to your body, mantras to reprogram the mind and meditation to cultivate inner peace. The combination of movement and mantra helps to create a mind-body-soul relationship that serves the wisdom of the soul, the knowing of the heart and your inherent connection to Source. Think of these sessions like workins – rather than workouts.

Wild Soul SWEAT

Workout classes for women who want to feel powerful, vibrant, strong, luscious, agile or fierce in their bodies in a setting that isn’t about changing your body or trying to push goals or ideals on you that aren’t your own. All workouts are “rest based” and all fitness levels, bodies shapes, sizes and experiences are welcome. Use these classes to recreate or initiate a delicious and non-punishing relationship with exercise you never knew was possible.

Erotic Body Movement

Embody the true meaning of Eros and connect your humanity with your divinity through sensual movement and dance set to sultry and activating playlists that will have you writhing in awe and appreciation for the miracle that is your body.

Sacred Body Work

Work the “issues out of your tissues” with myofascial release, self massage and stretching designed to help you release and recalibrate your physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Healing meditations

Short (20 minute or less) guided sessions covering a myriad of relevant themes to help you embody self love, wholeness, liberation + more.

Members also get access to Energy Hygiene practices and the Wild Soul Toolkit which includes rituals, practices and meditations to help you:
– Trust yourself more.

Clear, maintain, upgrade, and increase your energy.

– Build emotional and energetic resiliency.

– Increase your presence with everything and everyone around you.

– Sharpen your fluency in your Embody Language (your body’s unique language of the senses which directly connects to your intuition).

– Create more sacredness in your day-to-day life, within your body, and in relation to everything you
do — from eating food, to the energy you bring to your work, creative projects, studies, relationships, and daily tasks.

– Have better energetic hygiene and boundaries. This means you don’t have to carry around everybody else’s “stuff”, which is especially helpful for empaths and highly sensitive people who often feel overwhelmed by “all the feels.” You can be sensitive AND ALSO strong and resilient.

– Attune you with the phases and cycles of the moon, the earth, and your body.

– Start and complete things with the highest and best energy and intentions (you will be amazed at how much more easily things flow and evolve when you do this consistently).

– Develop the comfort, safety, understanding and trust to create your own practices and rituals.

– For those with very active minds, high levels of stress, responsibility or anxiety, you can experience a calmer existence filled with more ease and mental clarity.

– For those who are interested in a more spiritual experience, I’ve also included some prayers and invocations. If that’s not your thing, just skip them.

If I’ve attended a workshop or done a class or course with Elizabeth before, will there be anything new in here for me?

Some things may be a review or a deeper dive for you, and also there are things Elizabeth offers in the ELC that she’s never offered anywhere before like the mini courses for EMBODIED Self Love and The Wild Soul Archetypes, Sacred Body Work (myofascial release, stretching and body work using Yoga Tune Up balls), Wild Soul SWEAT (workouts for people who aren’t into diet culture or mainstream fitness), Healing Meditations (on things like Forgiveness, Energetic Boundaries, Bright and Healthy Body, and more), Breath-based Meditations and Erotic Body Movement classes.

Do I have to be in shape to join / will I be able to adjust the practices for physical needs / if I have physical limitations will I still be able to do the practices?

“In shape” means something different to everybody. The only thing you have to be in to join is the mood for self love, healing, wholeness and liberation. We welcome all bodies and Elizabeth provides a ton of support and modifications in every class. There are also specific videos in the Welcome section of the Mighty Networks portal for Wild Soul SWEAT classes showing you progressions – so how to make the workouts more challenging or intense if you want to, and regressions, how to dial down the challenge level and intensity if you need to any given day for any given reason. She also created a video for modifications to Wild Soul Movement and Erotic Body Movement classes to review some of the most common modifications and adjusments she’s encountered with students over the years. Bottom line – honoring, respecting and taking care of your body is a top priority in the EMBODIED Living Center. However, it’s best to try it out and see for yourself –  join us here

What are the benefits of joining for a full year versus month-to-month?

One benefit to joining the EMBODIED Living Center for a full year is financial. When you join for the year you get two months of membership for free. Annual and monthly members get access to all the same content, features and support. However, there is a mental and emotional benefit to committing to something for a full year and knowing you will have ongoing access to the support that a lot of people really love.

What are mini courses and how many come with my membership?

Mini courses are 4-6 week dives. Currently there are two available – the Embodied Self Love Mini Course and the Wild Soul Archetypes Mini Course

What are monthly workshops?
Monthly workshops are single workshops just 2-3 hours that Elizabeth offers each month on a topic that’s been coming up in the community that makes sense to dive into more thoroughly – like anger management from an embodiment perspective, dating in your 30s or beyond, courageous conversations, how to set boundaries with friends, reasons to love your body, and more.

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