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I have been listening to this podcast since it began. Somehow I stumbled upon it and have since listened through two moves and three job changes, on walks through old neighborhoods with trees blooming in springtime, in my car on the New Jersey Turnpike, on flights, and everywhere in between. I appreciate how the podcast has evolved over the years. I love hearing different thoughts and insights on what it means to be a woman, different cultures, social justice, and I love the practical, so full advice. One of the descriptors of the show is that is meant for whoever needs it at the right time, and I’ve always felt that four out of five episodes are just what I need to hear, to help me understand and illuminate myself and the world around me. Elizabeth is a brilliant gem of a human being, and I appreciate her sharing her stories and insights about her own life. I’m very grateful for her sharing important and courageous conversations at such an important juncture in history. I’d give this 10 stars if I could!


I can always count on Elizabeth to create episodes that uplift my spirit, inspire wonder and give me a new perspective. Plus, her laugh radiates joy! This podcast has been my fav for three years and I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed until now! Thank you for helping me get through divorce, I failed business and becoming a mom. Please keep sharing your art. Love, a forever fan.

– Hippiefriend

I am a long-time listener to Elizabeth’s podcasts. I’m continually in all of the diversity and important wisdom that she and her guests offer. These are the kinds of conversations that are changing the world. Thank you so much! This review really could not do justice to how much I review your work


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