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From Maiden To Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

From Maiden To Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

by | Jun 3, 2019

EP309: From Maiden To Mother with Sarah Durham Wilson

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Sarah Durham Wilson is back on the podcast today and we dove into the journey from Maiden to Mother. It’s an archetypal journey – so no matter your age or whether or not you’ve birthed a human, a lot of what we cover may be relevant for you.

We talked about the “initiations of strength” along the way, how in Maiden we take unhealthy risks in creativity and vulnerability, and by Mother we are moving from external validation to internal.

Which led us to a beautiful conversation about boundaries and aging, postpartum depression, fear of betraying our own mothers, embodying our souls, becoming more present and finding the gold in seemingly “bad” things.

Enjoy, share and let us know what lands for you!



About Sarah Durham Wilson:

Sarah Durham Wilson is a women’s writer and leader.

Once a rock journalist in New York City & L.A., her Saturn Return viscerally ended one life and began another: one devoted wholly to Feminine Wisdom.

A teacher & retreat leader, she’s journeyed thousands of women through witch awakenings onto the Priestess Path.

She now is devoted to leading the collective Wounded Maiden Feminine across the archetypal bridge to Healthy Mother.

She is actively participating in her anti-racism work and has a no-tolerance policy for bigotry. All are welcome to her work, and she is unlearning patriarchal toxicity every day.

Connect with Sarah Durham Wilson:

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


What You’ll Hear:

7:20 How Sarah feels in her body right now
10:45 What it means when we accept bad behavior from others
12:52 The truth Sarah has going on in her life right now
14:16 The path from maiden to mother to crone
17:13 Core maiden wounds
20:45 How Sarah’s relationship with her family affected her
23:10 Our soul whispering for new opportunities
26:00 Being a mother while stuck in wounded maiden
28:01 Mother isn’t chronological or biological
31:20 How Sarah felt about turning 40
33:50 Sarah’s midlife rebirth
34:46 Dealing with postpartum depression and narcissistic abuse
39:25 Refusing the patriarchial nightmare
42:10 The soul blooming in mother
44:50 Being compassionate toward your maiden
49:20 Elizabeth’s healing process and what she’s learned
50:46 Holding multiple truths
54:35 Letting people see how far we’ve come
59:29 Seeing people take responsibility for their platforms
1:02:50 Ignoring beneath the throne behavior


Martha’s Vineyard Mother Retreat
Fruitful Darkness by Trevor Hall
Summer Business Immersion

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“The whole body speaks to me, the whole body loves me, the whole body is alive.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“I think of pretty as external and beauty as internal.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“What could more beautiful than joy?” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“I know the places I can help and I know the places I need help.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“There comes these times in our lives where we can no longer take one more step in the path where we’re on and we beg for another way.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“Dream up a better life, keep it in your belly, walk around with that vision, stop being so impressionable and press this vision onto the world.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“I take brave little risks every day and that’s how I stay alive.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

“I believe that the looks fade but the soul blooms in age. The skin softens but the soul strengthens.” – Sarah Durham Wilson

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