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Another dear friend and repeat guest is with us today – Jadah Sellner. Jadah is one of my favorite people to jam on business with since her approach is totally focused and centered on love and having a vision that means something to you – but we spent a good chunk of this chat talking about trauma, healing and growth.

And when we do get to the business stuff – no matter what you do in the world, much of what she talks about is totally applicable to other career paths.

We got into how going to therapy has helped her move forward in areas of her life and business in ways she couldn’t have anticipated, how we can use our stories responsibly, and a few different things related to capacity – survival tendencies, being in the Zone of Excellence and how deeper listening creates space for more expansion.

Enjoy this chat and if you are an entrepreneur be sure to invite your friends to listen and discuss the more unconventional points we covered…you know, for funsies!


About Jadah Sellner:
Jadah Sellner is the host of the Lead with Love™ podcast, international keynote and TEDx speaker redefining the way we work, lead and love.

As the co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies (featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and CBS’s The Doctors TV Show.), serial entrepreneur and online community growth strategist, Jadah built a community of 355,000 email subscribers and 415,000 Instagram followers.

With a simple and inspiring model, Jadah dedicates her time consulting companies and personal brands to build communities with love, service, and impact. Learn more at and follow on social media @jadahsellner.

When not speaking on stages, you can catch Jadah reading Shel Silverstein poems at the dinner table, dancing in her living room, or sipping on a Chai tea latte by a cozy fireplace. Jadah lives in the San Francisco bay area with her husband, daughter, and “Chiweenie” dog.

Connect with Jadah:
Website | Podcast

What You’ll Hear:

7:25 How Jadah is feeling in her body right now
10:27 How Jadah and Elizabeth feel about their age
12:09 The truth that’s having an impact on Jadah’s life right now
14:09 Finding out her father passed away and how it’s impacted her
17:07 Talking with her daughter about sex and how it helped heal Jadah’s wounds
20:32 Being labeled as the “sensitive” one in her family
21:10 The opportunities of being able to stand up for herself and own her truth
24:24 Why Elizabeth didn’t know that she had trauma
29:13 Realizing that you have trauma that needs to be healed
35:21 Why we need people to hold space for us to truly unravel
38:30 Operating from survival mode
42:40 Releasing things off of your calendar and plate
46:23 Taking pause in your life
49:01 Leveraging your existing content
50:10 The biggest takeaways that Jadah has learned from hosting her podcast
53:20 Why Elizabeth likes when people take time to pause
59:32 Taking time to digest 
1:03:42 The breakthroughs that Jadah sees for her clients
1:05:35 Claiming your vision and writing it down
1:07:05 How your vision can evolve as you grow
1:11:11 Changing her business to use her voice 
1:18:17 Why some people thrive in group settings and others in one-on-one
1:22:57 Her next Love Over Metrics mastermind



“35 doesn’t feel like things are ending, it feels like I’m just getting started.” – Jadah Sellner

“I enjoy the journey so much more than the destination.” – Jadah Sellner

“I’m not sensitive I just really like to feel my emotions.” – Jadah Sellner

“I love creating extra time and space for the pause to allow the unfiltered conversation, the unfiltered thought, the unfiltered emotion to arrive.” – Jadah Sellner

“There’s a different fuel and focus when we know what we want.” – Jadah Sellner

“There’s no one solution for everyone, it’s about just getting clear on what you need.” – Jadah Sellner

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