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Come Home To Go Big with Kendra Cunov

Come Home To Go Big with Kendra Cunov

by | Nov 12, 2018

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Ever feel like you just share a brain with some people? That is how I feel about today’s guest, Kendra Cunov, who is back for her second time on the show. Her big truth was, “Just moving the body will literally change everything.”

From there we talked about coming home to ourselves (which by the way caused me to have my biggest Freudian slip on the show ever, it was hilarious), the idea that “it” has to be somebody’s fault, our responsibility for others’ feelings, internal fundamental wholeness and what healthy love and intimacy actually look like.

She also dropped in two big concepts that were so fun to explore: 1) We don’t heal by continually putting ourselves in situations that wound us and 2) How to use our own behavior as a barometer in assessing healthy relationships.

You’ll probably want to listen to this one a few times to get all the nuggets. Enjoy and share!


About Kendra Cunov:

Founder of Fierce Grace: Practices of Embodied Wholeness for Women, Kendra Cunov has been studying, facilitating, and (most importantly) practicing Authentic Relating, Embodiment Practices & Deep Intimacy Work for the last fifteen years.

Kendra has worked with thousands of men, women & couples in the areas of embodiment, intimacy, communication & full self-expression.

She co-founded Authentic World, as well as The Embodied Relationship Training Salon, and pioneered some of the most cutting edge relation work on the planet.

Kendra has consulted for companies such as Genentech & is currently on staff for 4PC, an elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches in the world.

She works with organizations & leaders, as well as men, women & couples, who know that presence, truth, connection & integrity are our truest access points to success – in business & in love.

What You’ll Hear:

9:35 Coming home to go big
14:30 Navigating relationships with people who aren’t ‘doing their work’ + looking at fault
25:15 Codependency + different ways to share and receive love
35:18 The dance between not being met + self-sacrifice
43:31 On being unoffendable + intimacy and caring about what others want without taking away from ourselves
55:25 Open relationships and where monogamous relationships suffer

Kendra Cunov On Boundaries, Connection And Authentic Relating
Come Home or To Big
Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller
Deeper Dating by Ken Page
Susana Frioni & Ken Page on Deeper Dating

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