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Revealed: Why I Took My Clothes Off + You Should Do The Same

I’m going to ask you to do something really silly today.  No matter how you feel about your body right now, I can promise you a good groove session in your undies (or even naked!) will have you loving and appreciating her a little extra.

Don’t be lame and close out of this tab.  Don’t be a hater and knock it without trying it.  For the loving kick in the caboose that you need, I went first…here’s my story.

The scenario:  I’m in my apartment, it’s around 7am.

I’m wearing shorts, a tank and my sneakers.  Something inside tells me to ditch the shorts and the tank, keep the sneaks and my undies. So I did.  I also popped my iPod onto the deck, and geared up Pandora to a station that made me want to shake what my momma gave me.

What came next was a lot of fun…and not a lot of thinking (which is probably why it was so much fun)…and NOT something I could make a video of and post here, or my momma would disown me 😉

Maybe you can relate…

This urge to dance around in my undies didn’t just pop up out of no where this morning.  Lately, I’ve been feeling out of touch with my feminine side and a few of my girlfriends have felt the same.  We work so hard, we put so much energy into our jobs, families and relationships (all kinds, friends, professional, romantic, all of them)-and we forget how much f*cking fun it is to be a woman and celebrate every part of what that means.

So I ordered this book I’d heard of called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts. Without launching into an all out review, I’ll say that this woman has discovered the key to true happiness for females:  falling in love with what that means and using it to your every advantage, for you…not somebody else.

She puts a lot of emphasis on finding pleasure in every possible way and injecting it into your life, weekly if not daily, if not numerous times each day.  I’m talking all kinds of pleasure, from simple things like reading a book you enjoy, going for a walk or getting a manicure to major pampering, and putting as many of the 8,000 nerve endings on your clitoris to work as possible (she recommends lots of practice for this, by the way, lots).

Why am I telling you all of this…
Because I want you to experience the feeling I felt after my one-woman-private-dance-party this morning.  Too many of us waste a lot of our time not loving our bodies and not experiencing them either.  Size and shape don’t matter here, girls.  Sheila Kelley once told me that humans are the only species on the planet without a mating dance.  This is what we’re built for, to move to be sensual, to have curves, to be connected with our feminine energy.


I double dare you…
To give it a try.
I triple dare you…
To come back and leave a comment after, and tell us how you felt!


And I invite you…
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There’s a lot to talk about in this post, don’t keep it all to yourself!  In the comments, I want to know what kind of music makes you want to move? How about aspects of your feminine energy you want to get better connected with? And what gives you pleasure that you can make more time for?





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Revealed: Why I Took My Clothes Off + You Should Do The Same