Feel at home in your body, finally.

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What is the Wild Soul Movement Virtual Program?

Wild Soul Movement is a movement-centered practice designed to help you achieve body connection, acceptance, trust, and complete confidence in yourself as the master of your personal evolution.

why do you need it?

Have you spent most of your life wishing your body was different, feeling uncomfortable in your skin or like being a woman is an inconvenience?

Are you tired of over-giving, not having good boundaries, being stressed, in pain, sick or simply dissatisfied with your life or relationships?

Have you read tons of books and blogs, attended conferences, workshops or trainings on self-help or spirituality and intellectually understand the concepts but have trouble actually implementing what you learn consistently?

Do you wish you could stop second guessing yourself or torturing yourself over important decisions?

Have you worked with therapists, coaches or healers and made some progress but still find yourself in the same old patterns eventually or just haven’t gotten the results you hoped you would?

Do you ever hear people say things like, “Listen to your body” or “Just go with your gut” but you have no idea how to actually do that?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you’ve been missing out on one of your most valuable assets as woman – Body Connection.

I know this is what you’ve been missing because it’s what hundreds of women who have experienced specific results using Wild Soul Movement have all had in common.

FACT: Everything you’ve ever needed has always been inside of you and it’s much easier to create your life the way you want it than we’ve been taught.

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Body Connection…

Gets you out of your head so you can stop feeling stuck or driving yourself crazy with thoughts and worries.

Body Connection…

Helps you release past experiences and patterns and form new ones that are more aligned with the lifestyle you deserve.

Body Connection…

Opens you up for more pleasure, joy, and ease in your life, helps you set boundaries, ask for and receive support and best of all, it feels so damn good!

You can trust, love and accept yourself as you grow, evolve and change (which we all do) by connecting to your body.

You can learn simple and enjoyable practices to stay connected to your body and continue experiencing the benefits forever.

Why is Wild Soul Movement the best practice for Body Connection?

Multi-layered approach.

Every woman’s learning and development style is unique. I combine sensual movement with mantras and meditation, and provide a digital journal with questions and prompts to deepen your exploration so it’s guaranteed one or more of these tools will resonate with you.

Major focus on integration and implementation.

A lot of “self-help” doesn’t work because it’s just content, there is no container set for your experience. Wild Soul Movement is designed to guide you AND fully support you through the process. You will not have to figure anything out on your own.

You get monthly access to me.

Once a month on our Community Q+A call you get to ask me anything you want. These calls are a monthly boost of Wild Soul lovin’ mixed with powerful insight, you can even pre-submit a question if you know you can’t make it since they’re always recorded.

better, faster results

Ever feel like you can’t relate as well to your family and friends anymore? The best way to press fast forward on your results is to surround yourself with people working towards similar goals. You will love connecting and bonding with Wild Soul women on the same path as you.

How it works Everything listed below is available the moment you complete your registration.

You’ll get:



Move through each session at your own pace.

Some women like to treat Wild Soul Movement like a 12-week course, others prefer to simmer for a few weeks on each session to let it sink it. My advice is always to do whatever feels right and best to you and I’ll help you do this every step of the way.


Connect with the community anytime.

We host our community forum on Google Groups so it’s available 24/7 since our Wild Soul women are all over the world. Pop in whenever you’ve got something to celebrate, have a question, need support or just check in when you feel like connecting with your Wild Soul family.


Lifetime access.

The materials are yours to keep for life. Pause, binge, or revisit whenever you want. (And yes, a Wild Soul Movement binge is way more satisfying than Netflix!)

Topics and Session Breakdown

The 12 video sessions are broken down into four topics with three sessions in each. This is how I methodically guide you from living primarily in your head to feeling at home in and trusting your body.


Surrender + Release

Time to get out of your own way. Learn how to surrender and release everything that holds you back



Receiving + Trust

Giving is in our nature. Now, develop the art of receiving and allowing to invite more pleasure into your life



Desire + Wild Dreaming

Redefine the meaning of “perfection” Practice loving what is and connect with your wildest dreams + desires



Love + Creation

Answer the call to trust your inner wisdom and operate from love more than fear.


How wild soul movement was born

For many years I was a personal trainer helping women work out to lose weight and feel better.

Once I started getting interviewed and featured in magazines and major websites, I realized all the ways I was actually contributing to a problem, not helping it.

Our culture teaches us to seek solutions outside of ourselves and give all our power and trust to experts and gurus. The truth is there is no expert, guru or professional who’s a better authority on how to live your life or treat your body than you are.

The problem is, no one really teaches us how to do this.

That’s why I shifted my focus to helping women become their own authority using body connection as the primary method.

Sharing love

Before WSM I was looking outwards, outside of myself for things that fulfilled me. WSM really sparked a change in me which helped me to realize that I am a powerful creator and I will always have everything I need. I no longer operate from a place of scarcity. It’s powerful.

Christine Juckett