Starts June 13



6-month Immersion

with Elizabeth DiAlt0


“The one person who will never leave us, whom we will never lose, is ourself. Learning to love our female selves is where our search for love must begin.”

– bell hooks


You made your way to this page because something inside of you knows that you’re ready to make your relationship with yourself one of THE MOST wild, passionate love affairs of your life. I’m here to tell you that once you do, the healing, wholeness, and liberation you deserve will be possible in ways your soul knows, but your mind cannot even fathom.

In this Immersion you will cultivate REAL DEAL self love as your SUPER POWER.

This means that instead of only experiencing it as a #hashtag on Instagram, an inspiring concept, or unsustainable intention – self love will be your new normal and your automatic way of being.

Do you crave any of these things?

Elizabeth DiAlto - Founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment
  • To feel safe, at home, and AT EASE with yourself no matter what’s going on around you?
  • To be tapped into your body’s wisdom, your soul’s desires, and have the confidence to TRUST both?
  • To consistently treat yourself with kindness, compassion, and grace, even in the face of failures, challenges, and mistakes?
  • For your self love and esteem to be unwavering, no matter how you look, what’s going on in your career or your relationships, or how much money you have in the bank?
  • To finally unhook from any programming, conditioning, trauma, drama, or chaos that constantly disrupts your life?


  • You have a lot of love and care for yourself, but certain things can still spiral you right out of that, and fast?
  • You’re doing all this damn healing and transformation work but still facing the same issues, fears, and insecurities?
  • You’re un- or under- met, seen, appreciated, loved, or supported?
  • You’re too much? Or. . . not enough?
  • You have to be hard-working, contributing all the time, and productive to be valuable?
  • You never have time or energy for your own needs, dreams, or desires?
  • Things like ease, flow, abundance, sovereignty, and magic are for other people?
  • You know you’re settling but maybe this is as good as it gets?


Here’s what I realized – the feelings persist until you get serious about addressing them – FOR REAL. And it takes some dedicated time, focus, support, and guidance to handle that shit for good.

In 2008 I left a lucrative career in sales because “work hard, play hard” culture was crushing my soul. I craved more meaning in my life and I wanted more space and freedom to be more ME in every way: personally, professionally, creatively, and spiritually. I had read a few positive thinking books, but I hadn’t done any healing work, I didn’t even know what embodiment was, and I was the kind of person who wouldn’t step foot onto a dance floor unless I was ddruunnkk.

Elizabeth DiAlto - Founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment

I was anything but free and a lot of my life choices proved that I didn’t know how to love myself either. I had this unbridled faith in myself though – that I could do anything I set my mind to. What I would discover soon enough was that I needed to enlist more than just my mind.

Three years later my life looked completely different. I did some major healing work and found the courage and clarity to start my own business. Along the way I was allowing myself to be more and more of who I really was. I finally had the space for my soul to come online and it was then that I began to really love myself.

Elizabeth DiAlto - Founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment


Elizabeth DiAlto - Founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment

At the end of 2016, even though I wasn’t explicitly teaching about self love, it was apparent enough in everything I was doing that the Institute of Integrative Nutrition invited me to speak at their annual conference about it. A few months later I was on stage in Jazz at Lincoln Center in front of 1000 people presenting what is now my Embodied Self Love Framework.

For three years after that, I received messages from IIN students every time a new group enrolled and saw my self love talk in their learning portal. This inspired me to create the Embodied Self Love Course in 2020. After receiving rave reviews about the course, I wanted to create an even deeper Self Love experience.

Imagine a life where soulful Self love paints all of your lived experiences. Where you bringing that energy to everything you do and all of your relationships makes you an embodied benevolent force for good at a time when the world needs it, SO MUCH…

Embodied Self Love Framework

framework + CURRICULUM

We dedicate a whole month to learning, exploring, and embodying each part of the framework


Self Awareness allows you to relate to yourself with curiosity and observe how you’re really showing up. It’s a consistent, honest, mindful practice of noticing yourself.
Self Awareness helps you cut through how you think you’re being based on intentions alone and helps you see the impact your choices and behaviors have on your own life and on others. It also increases the accuracy of your self-perception through your experiences.


Self Knowledge provides answers to even more crucial questions on the self love journey. It helps you to understand how you’re really built so you can identify when you’re operating from your programming and conditioning or your inner wisdom. It helps you access the truth of your soul and your values. Then it paves the way for Self Acceptance because you can finally see all the ways you’ve tried to be someone you’re not…and stop doing that!


Self Acceptance is where you learn gentleness and forgiveness – non-negotiables for real, deep, lasting self love. Gentleness helps you to be compassionate toward yourself and others. Forgiveness helps you make the crucial energetic shifts for a lifetime of self love.

Self Acceptance also enables you to extend kindness and benefits of the doubt to yourself – because you deserve that, too. And I don’t mean letting yourself off the hook when you should be accountable or you’re out of integrity. I mean when you genuinely stumble, make mistakes, or act from your pain or wounding and need to do better.


You cannot have love without trust. You know this in your relationships with others, so of course, when it comes to self love, you must build trust within yourself.
The EMBODIED approach to Self Trust includes developing discernment and learning how to tune into your body’s signals and intuition so you can follow your soul’s guidance, wisdom, and truth. When you learn to trust yourself, trusting others becomes much easier. You also waste so much less time, energy, and attention on things that aren’t right for you. WHAT A RELIEF!


You can’t have love without respect either. Period. Respect is honoring the other four parts of the framework and allowing them to come together and work together in your life. Respect is how you stop being codependent and abandoning yourself. It’s how you begin a lifelong practice of making choices that are genuine, aligned, and authentic with who you really are. When you respect yourself, your self love can flow. It’s harder to love when you constantly deny yourself, ignore yourself, suppress your soul, and put yourself last. The deep Self Respect you’ll cultivate in this immersion will not allow you to sacrifice yourself like that anymore.


Healthy Boundaries are the ultimate expression of self love and also a great relational tool to use with yourself and others.
Boundaries are one of the most loving things you can have, hold and maintain in your life – and they’re not actually as hard as people think. In the immersion you’ll learn foundational components like: how to even know when you need a boundary, how to have the courageous conversations to set them and enforce them, how to shift them over time as you grow and heal, and also, how to respect other people’s boundaries. It’s so good!

What you get each month:

In-Depth Video Lesson to explore the month's topic

Two themed Embodiment Classes and a Healing Meditation

Themed Prayer, Mantra, Playlist, + Journaling Prompts

Group forum in Mighty Networks and Deep Dive Q+A with Elizabeth


The School of Sacred Embodiment Community

In addition to the Self Love Immersion group forum, you also get access to The School of Sacred Embodiment Community on Mighty Networks!


I can’t say all the ways your work has made a difference for me. When I found you l was stuck in the self-development/self-help craze, feeling like there was always something to fix, always something I should do. You’ve supported me and helped me find home – home in myself, home in my body, home out in the world. There is nothing lacking in me, nothing lesser or not enough, and now I spend my time doing things that light me up and help me get to the places I want to experience in life. I will be forever grateful.



Meet Your Teacher

Known for her raw, honest, and nuanced approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist, a Mystic, and host of the Embodied Podcast (3M+ downloads!). A native New Yorker of Puerto Rican and mixed-European descent, Elizabeth started her professional life in sales, then moved into health and fitness before life finally called her to do her soul’s work in 2013 when she founded what has now evolved to be School of Sacred Embodiment. Her mastery is in teaching, facilitation, and communication with immense reverence, humor, and compassion. Everything she studies, practices, and creates is in service to collective healing and liberation. Elizabeth currently lives in Miami, is an avid Latin dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”


I never run the same exact Immersion twice – so if you’re feeling this one, don’t put it off until next year because there’s no guarantee it will happen again.

-We plan for 90 minutes for our group calls, but we don’t always use the full 90 minutes. Time and day for these calls is TBD – a week or so before we begin, we’ll poll the group to pick a time that works for the most people to be able to show up live each month.

– When the immersion ends, the Mighty Networks portal will close and you will receive a PDF with links to access all of the content and recordings. As an alumnus of the immersion, you will keep access to the School of Sacred Embodiment Community.

-You are not expected to use all of the practices I provide for you. I offer you the variety for two reasons: 1) So you can find what suits you best and stick with it and 2) You’re a woman! You’re a cyclical being. Something that really resonates for you one week or month may not the next. With a variety to choose from, you’ll always have something to reach for no matter what’s going on or what your energy is like.

-If you can’t attend every live call, it’s ok. That’s why we record everything and give you a chance to pre-submit any questions when you know you can’t make it.

-I’ve been running group healing and mentorship programs since 2014 and they’re always amazing and diverse. Inevitably the ages range from women in their 20s to 50+ from all walks of life. Single, married, divorced, mothers, bonus-mamas, child-free folks, and a range of socio-economic statuses, races, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations, life experiences, and career paths, too.

The things my women tend to have most in common are the 4 C’s: compassion, care, creativity, and commitment.

My students always love this about our groups – everyone can show up in their own way and gets exactly what they need.

Did I miss anything you were wondering about before registering? Shoot us an email at hello@untameyourself.com