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After three years of getting messages about how much my Untamed Self Love talk at the 2017 Institute for Integrative Nutrition annual conference changed people’s lives, I decided to build out the framework I presented in that talk into a mini course.

My hope is that instead of experiencing self love as a #hashtag on Instagram, or a nice sounding concept, idea, desire, or intention (which is as far as most people get with it) — the mini course will help you to practice, cultivate and deepen it in a real, tangible, felt, and measurable way.


The EMBODIED Self Love Framework + a juicy and integral bonus topic

Self Awareness

Self Awareness allows us to relate to ourselves with curiosity and observe how we’re really showing up in life. It’s a consistent, honest, mindful practice of noticing ourselves.

Self Awareness helps us cut through how we think we’re showing up based on intentions alone and helps us see the impact we’re having on our lives and on others. It also helps us to see how things are really going through our experiences, behaviors, and choices.

It answers the question: “Who am I being?”

Self Knowledge

Self love requires self knowledge provides answers to even more crucial questions if you’re wanting to truly love yourself:

“Who am I”?

“How am I built?”

“What’s my conditioning?”

“What’s my nature?”

“What are my values?”

“What are my priorities?”

“What’s my truth?”

…and more

It’s so important to know ourselves so when we bump into things we’re not good at or not built for, instead of beating ourselves up, being perfectionists, or trying to get good at things we’re not really wired for – we can ask for help.

The same goes for when we discover our wounds, triggers and shadow parts – we don’t have to shrink away in shame–instead we can heal, grow and move past them. Part of loving ourselves is allowing ourselves to be loved, cared for, taken care of and valuing ourselves enough to get help when we need it. It’s about always wanting to take the self honoring road, which isn’t always the easy road.

Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance is where we learn gentleness and forgiveness which are non-negotiables for real, deep, lasting self love.

Gentleness and forgiveness allows us to be compassionate towards ourselves and others, and forgiveness helps us make the crucial energetic shifts for a lifetime of self love.

Self Acceptance also helps us with generosity and giving ourselves the benefit of the doubt when we deserve it. And I don’t mean letting ourselves off the hook when we should be accountable or we’re out of integrity. I mean when we genuinely stumble, make mistakes or act from our pain or wounding and need to do better.

Self Acceptance lets us look at ourselves holistically because we’ve done the work of self awareness and self knowledge so we can find ways to move forward whether things are going well or they’re not going the way we want –EVEN WHEN we’re stuck, unclear or lost – which happens to everyone sometimes.

Self Trust

You cannot have love without trust. We know this in our relationships with others, so of course when it comes to self love, we must build trust within ourselves.

The EMBODIED approach to self trust includes developing discernment and learning how to tune into the body’s signals and intuition so we can follow our inner guidance, truth, wisdom and authority. These things are always pointing us towards when to trust and not to trust. When we learn to trust ourselves, trusting others becomes much easier.

There is also a spiritual component to this. It’s much easier to practice self trust when you also have some kind of faith or spiritual practice that works for you. This is because trust requires some surrender, some letting go, facing ourselves, seeing where we need to be right about things and a willingness to get things wrong sometimes in order to discover what is in our highest best.

Trust takes an enormous amount of courage and it’s an ongoing practice.

Self Respect

You can’t have love without respect either. Period. Respect is honoring the other four parts of the framework and allowing them to come together and work together in your life. Respect is how you stop being codependent if you are, stop abandoning yourself if you do, and being a lifelong practice of making choices that are genuine, aligned and authentic with who you really are. And because you respect yourself, the self love can flow.

It’s harder to love when you constantly deny yourself, ignore yourself, suppress yourself and deprioritize your needs.

BONUS – Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries are the ultimate expression of self love and also a great relational tool to use with yourself and others to embody and express the real deal self love you’ll develop when you use the EMBODIED Self Love Framework.

Boundaries are one of the most loving things you can have, hold and maintain in your life for yourself and others. And they’re not actually as hard as people think, when you have strategies for the basic components: how to know when you need a boundary, how to have the courageous conversations to set them and enforce them, how to shift them over time as you grow and heal, and also, how to respect other people’s boundaries.


3 Workshops to learn the entire framework

  • Part I covers Self Awareness, Self Knowledge, and Self Acceptance
  • Part II covers Self Trust and Self Respect
  • Part III in the bonus workshop on Boundaries


  • Access to 3 Q+A recordings from the live workshop sessions
  • Access to ongoing monthly “Ask Elizabeth Anything” Q+A sessions on Zoom


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