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Summer Arms You'd Love to Show Off

I had a client refer to her arms as “super nasty” last week.  Once I finished telling her that I didn’t ever want to hear her speak about herself like that again (in a much gentler tone than that sentence indicates, of course)-I realized she’s probably not the only woman in America feeling that way.

So here you go girls, incorporate these four exercises into your workouts.  I recommend 3 sets of 15-20 reps each.  Use weights that are still challenging by the last rep of the third set.  If you’re super comfortable throughout all the exercises, it’s not tough enough which means your results will be marginal at best.  Push yourself, dumbells are your friends, I promise!

WARNING: don’t mind that I’m kind of yelling in this one, I was up on the roof of my building and it was a little windy out there today 🙂

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Want more workouts? what are you interested in targeting?  I’m all ears below…

Summer Arms You'd Love to Show Off