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Shopafrolic: A Shopaholic's Dream

Originally published on Your Bella Life

Effective people everywhere know that focusing on what you’re good at and delegating the rest is a sound practice for getting great results.  I like to apply this adage to all areas of life, not just business or work.  What does this have to do with fashion?  Not everyone is born a savvy fashionista—myself included!  (Warning: those of you who are naturally gifted with style are about to wince in horror) Growing up as a tomboy, with a mission of never wearing skirts, and keeping my curvy body hidden from the world in sweats, jerseys and baggy t-shirts, fashion has never come naturally to me. When asked ,“What’s your style, Liz?” I’ve been known to respond, “comfortable.” So, when a website comes along offering easy to digest fashion tips and trends, I’m all over it—because what better way to learn than to soak up the advice of those who specialize?

Whether you’re like me, usually behind the trends, or you’re the fashion barometer for your circle—my new favorite fashion site,, is for you.  Co-Founders and sisters Liz and Jane attribute their passion for fashion to their Upper East Side mom who they say had a standing appointment with her dressmaker on Friday afternoons.

When you visit, you’ll find it’s an extensive site filled with useful information.  I’ve narrowed it down to my top three favorites to help you get started:

1. Tips and Trends.  This is a one-stop shop for the clueless to get a clue and the fashionistas to put their knowledge to the test. Liz and Jane cover timeless fashion tips, walk you through the latest trends, and even have picture examples of street chic ensembles.

2.  Buy/Don’t Buy. Been eyeing a particular item and you just can’t decide? Pose your query to the experts! (They both have their own line of clothing, and They’re qualified experts.)  You can post a picture of your item with your question and the ladies will give you a thumbs up or, a thumbs down complete with why and alternatives to your item!

3.  Shopafrolic’s Shopping Posse.  Sign up for the daily newsletter and receive a daily email with a highly touted fashion, accessory and beauty item so you can always know what to shop for.

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Shopafrolic: A Shopaholic's Dream