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Skechers Toning Shoe Lawsuit: Customers to Get Refund

In the Spring of 2011 I made the video below.  It’s a rant on the misleading commercials featuring Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke promoting Skechers toning shoes.  Many of you remember it, I’m sure, because whenever something pops up in the news about these Skechers Toning Shoes, I get Facebook messages and personal emails from you (which I love!).

Once in a while a perfect opportunity to say “I told you so” falls into your lap and it feels friggin’ sweet.  This is my moment.  Nobody wants to hear anyone say “I told you so” though, so I got to thinking of ways I can create something REALLY POSITIVE from my “I told you so” moment.

And here it is…drumroll please…
I’m having a contest.
Skechers toning shoes are just one of many fitness fads that people who lack real fitness knowledge have fallen prey to and wasted money on and I want to make a HUGE example out of this by spreading this YouTube video like wild fire.
Here’s the BIG PRIZE
A FREE MONTH of my premium online coaching service $198 value.  YOU GET:
  • A one-on-one session with me (via phone or Skype) were we will fully assess your current lifestyle and fitness level so I can design custom workouts and a nutrition plan just for you
  • Four customized metabolism boosting workouts that will defy your age, your genes, and any pesky hormones that are preventing your body from burning fat
  • A personalized 30-day nutrition plan including what to eat, when to eat it, a guide for eating out, your food loves and hates AND recipes so delicious you’ll never feel like you’re on a “diet”
  • Two non-caloric secret weapons that take my clients results from EXCELLENT to OUTSTANDING consistently
  • Email access to me and detailed results tracking tools

Here’s how to WIN

There are two ways to win- video or written submission.  I’m looking for a desire to transform your body and your life, enthusiasm, and FUN!

1.  Video entry: Create a video under 3 minutes and tell me the following:

  • How many days/wk are you active and what’s your routine like? How are your eating habits?
  • What’s your biggest health or fitness goal? and what is the greatest challenge preventing you from hitting it?
  • What would your ideal body look and feel like? What would you be able to do in it that you can’t do now?

**Make the title of your video Liz DiAlto Premium Fitness Coaching – Online Weight Loss Program for Women.  Then post your video response to my video on YouTube-for a quick tutorial on how to do that, click here, it’s SUPER easy!

2.  Written entry: Simply click “like” on the video and answer the questions above in a comment below the video on YouTube.

**You must do both to qualify, don’t forget to click “like” AND make your comment.

BONUS Social Media Points
To really boost your chances of winning, spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.
Tweet the following to boost your chances to win:
I want @lizdialto to be my fitness coach #pickmeliz
You can tweet up to 3x a day, all tweets must include the hashtag #pickmeliz and a link to this post
Facebook share your video or written response and tag my professional page ( with an update like this
I want to win a free month of fitness coaching with Liz DiAlto
Quick Contest Review
  1. You can enter to win via video and written response.  Tweets and Facebook posts get you Bonus Points!
  2. Videos must contain the description above and be less than 3 minutes
  3. Tweets must contain a link to this post and the hashtag #pickmeliz
  4. The deadline is Wednesday May 23, 2012 at midnight EST and the winner will be announced on Thursday May 24, 2012
  5. I’m the solo judge and my decision is final =)

Good luck! I can’t wait to see your videos, comments, Tweets and Facebook posts…HAVE FUN!


Skechers Toning Shoe Lawsuit: Customers to Get Refund