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Stop Emotional Eating and Other Over Eating

I’m convinced we’re all guilty of emotional eating and other over eating and EXTRA convinced that A LOT of you don’t even realize it.

I’ve been hanging in Laguna Beach, CA for just over 10 Days now.  One of my top intentions for this trip is to READ.  I’ve been craving some serious nerd-time (as I call it) and when things are busy it’s the first thing to get neglected.

(Sound familiar…do you do this with your workouts? healthy eating habits? maybe? sometimes?)

You might assume I read a lot of fitness and nutrition books…the truth is I really don’t.  I like to look outside of my industry for brilliant advice that can apply to what I do.

Case in point, the best book I’ve read on vacation so far The Big Leap.

I shared this technique with an online coaching client the other day and I could literally feel her relax over the phone as the lightbulb went off and she said, “This makes so much sense!”In today’s post I’m going to walk you through a quick checklist to run down instead of reaching for food when you feel bored, depressed, lonely, stressed out, anxious or otherwise.

The steps below are based on the philosophy that negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts show up to guide us in the direction of what we really want.

So we have a choice, we can let them spiral out of control and spark “bad behaviors” like emotional eating and other over eating.  OR we can appreciate them for what they are and let them guide us.

Here are the steps (adapted from Gay Hendricks, author, The Big Leap:

1.  Notice yourself feeling a negative emotion
2.  Let go of it, shift your focus away from it (extra helpful to visualize the words on a board or in the air in front of you to acknowledge they’ve left your body and are no longer part of you)
3.  Take a minute to wonder: what positive new thing is trying to come into being?
4.  Notice your body, there is usually a body feeling (not a thought or idea) of where that positive new thing is trying to come through. (Taking 3 or 4 deep breaths will help you get into your body here).
5.  Focus on feeling that body feeling deeply.
6.  Let yourself feel it deeply for as long as possible. (…and enjoy the hell out of it!)
7.  Later, come back to the idea of the positive thing and re-create the feeling. (This step will help you bring it into being much faster!)

The good news is, we do this so often the opportunity to test out this technique is probably going to present itself quite soon.  When it does I want to know how it goes for you!

To bookmark this post, type “I’ll do it!” into the Facebook comment box below and click COMMENT. (Make sure the “Post to Facebook” box is checked). When you try out the technique, just go to your wall and leave another comment on the post telling me about your experience!

And remember, your actions don’t just help you out, they inspire others-so don’t be selfish, give it a shot ;).

Stop Emotional Eating and Other Over Eating