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Use This Feminine Super Power to Move Through Resistance

This is the fifth installment in a 10-part series I did through July 26 this year called Wild Soul Summer School. The purpose is to do a more thorough exploration of some of the topics that come up most consistently on the podcast. Each of these instructional blog posts has a corresponding Facebook Live video too, which you can find at the end of this post along with links to previous sessions if you want to explore the rest of the series.

I’ve also created a free guide for you, to help implement what you learn. This week’s guide breaks down:

-How to identify when you need to surrender
-The six keys to surrender
-How to use the six keys together to make surrender your super power to move through resistance

Click here for the guide


As you tune in to your body’s senses and become more discerning, get comfortable setting boundaries, clearing your energy and grounding yourself, your interpretation of what’s going on in your world will become sharper.

This is useful when it comes to resistance because a lot of people confuse resistance with dissonance.

Resistance happens when you are facing some kind of upper limit or something that invites you to grow, expand, step into a higher level of service, truth or creative expression (something that could actually be good for you).

The ego wants you to stay small and safe and so you resist.

Dissonance happens when you’re facing something that doesn’t feel right or true to you.

In self-help and personal development, a popular platitude is that, “If you’re afraid of something, you’re having resistance and should lean into that.” Sometimes that’s true AND somteimes it’s your wild soul, your higher intelligence, letting you know that something truly is or is not for you.


The feminine superpower that you can use to move through resistance is SURRENDER.

A lot of people balk at the concept of surrender because they think it means giving up.

Surrender is NOT about giving up, it’s about locating your power so you can move forward, which in some cases requires getting out of your own way.

When we are in resistance, we cling to things and try to control the situation. We may be scared, focused on the past, worried about the future and certainly not here in the present.

Surrender allows you to come back to the present so you can evaluate and move forward with what’s actually happening, rather than the story you’re telling yourself about what’s happening, what has happened, or what might happen.

For the full breakdown on specific scenarios when surrender is the super power to use, the six keys to surrender and how to use the six keys together, watch the video below and download the free guide here.

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Use This Feminine Super Power to Move Through Resistance