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Healthy Eating -The Best Fitness Advice

Last week I announced my mission to get 1000 women in the best shape of their lives in 2012.  A TON of you let me know on the post, on my FB page and via personal messages that you want to be one of the 1000.  Welcome aboard the slammin’ hot body boat.

This week, I am PISSED off.

I know that most people want to get their asses in shape at the start of a new year. That’s why you open my emails every week and read my site.

The media however, and deals between McDonalds and Weight Watchers are trying really hard to make sure you stay flabby, and mired with cellulite.  They actually just announced that “chicken nuggets” (with 29g of fat and 485 calories!) are a healthy option.  

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Are you freakin’ kidding me?! 

If you’re looking to get a tighter body in 2012, it’s not going to happen by eating chicken nuggets or a filet ‘o fish sandwich (yea, that’s on the “healthy” option list, too!)

I am combatting this INSANITY in this week’s post by giving you 4 tips you can take action on ASAP, and they work-long term as lifestyle changes.  So you know better when you come across silly crap in the media and you know it has to do with more than just diet and exercise.

Now, these tips are from a webinar I ran last week, which I will be running an encore presentation of next week so if you want the other two and more thorough explanations, register here.  (It’s silly not to, by the way, it’s FREE)

Here you go:

1.  Get a journal

A major part of lifelong fitness is getting to know your body and your mind.

I highly recommend journals for all of my clients because it’s a private place to keep track of your journey.  You can log things like measurements, before/after pics, goals, and workouts.  I’m not into counting calories but it’s really helpful to make observations about the foods you’re eating and how they make your body look and feel.

It’s a private place to share your thoughts, clear your head before you go to bed so you get better sleep…there are a million reasons I can give you for getting a journal.  And it doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive either.  One of these can even do the trick:

2.  Do these 3 exercises that don’t even involve moving your body:

The first is “50 Things I’m Grateful For”…want proof of how powerful this exercises is? Check out the results of this study at UC Davis. 

The second is to identify what Danielle LaPorte calls your core desired feelings. Identify 3-5 ways you’d like to feel all of the time. Be picky, be specific. This will allow you to make great decisions by saying “yes” to things that fulfill your core desired feelings and saying “no” to things that don’t.  Best. Barometer. Ever.

The third is to make a desire list.  Write down in your journal every single thing your little heart desires.  From the deep and meaningful things like like finding your soulmate, or having a fulfilling career doing xyz, to the superficial things like that hot new Essie nail polish color.  Write it all down and check back on it often.

When you fulfill a desire on the list, be sure to thank whomever made it possible (even if that’s you!).

3.  Clean up your eating

There are so many diets out there with tons of rules, things to count and keep track of (I wonder how many Weight Watchers points those chicken nuggets count for?).  The BEST place to start is by just focusing on “crowding out” the processed foods in your diet by “adding in” more real foods.  

Real foods are things that grow out of the earth or come from animals without being processed, pasteurized, “enriched” or anything else that violates their natural state.

My favorite rule of thumb at any given meal is to cut the normal amount of carbs or starch you’d eat in half, and double up on fruits and/or veggies instead.  I’m not asking you to eat smaller portions, I’m asking you to do a little swap.

To the extent that you can limit your consumption of gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol, the better off you’ll be, too.

Check out some of the results women got just one week after taking this advice:

4.  Exercise: where to begin

I feel like a broken record because I give this advice all of the time…short intense workouts that combine cardio and weights give you the most bang for your buck, especially if you’re tight on time.

For sample circuits and lots of free workouts you can do at home or the gym, check out my YouTube channel.

Now, I need your input.  My 2012 mission to help 1000 women get in the best shape of their lives is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.  Consistency and taking action are going to be major keys to your success all year, so let’s get it started NOW.

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to implement all my advice at once.  In the comments below, tell me which of the 4 tips will be the easiest for you to focus on this week and why.  Also, if you have any tips of your own, please share, this is a space for learning!

…and don’t forget to register for the webinar: Stop Taking Sh*tty Fitness Advice + Start Getting Results

Healthy Eating -The Best Fitness Advice