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Destination Motherhood – The Business of Being Born

Ever sign up for an event without really knowing what you're in for?

I got an email invitation for something called "Mama Glow Salon Series Spring 2012" recently.  An amazing woman I happen to know and admire, Latham Thomas founded Mama Glow and I knew a lot of my "online girlfriends" would be there, so I signed up without reading the description.

I also love training moms and figured it'd be a great place to network so what the hell, right?

It turned out to be the east coast premiere of More Business of Being Born by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein.  I had the privilege of watching the second fim in their series, Special Deliveries: Celebrity Moms Talk Straight on Birth.  Not a topic I would have knowingly signed up to learn about-but let me tell you, it was EYE-OPENING!


For a while I'd been on the "I don't want kids" train, and I totally changed my mind after watching this film.

What caused this shift you might be wondering?

Hearing Cindy Crawford say, as a successful woman, giving birth is the ONLY thing she can 100%, without question take full responsibility for achieving.  No make-up artists, stylists or photographers pushing the baby out for her.  And it got me thinking about how a baby is the ultimate creation.  Kinda cool, and kinda crazy at the same time.  If you're a mom you're probably thinking "Liz, you have no freaking idea!"  And at this moment, I would like to pause and recognize you for being an absolute warrior.  Seriously, wow.

Now for what I really want to share…some valuable info for those of you who are pregnant or plan on being in the future.

Here are some Mama Glow tips straight from the event program for a fabulous pregnancy:

Ricki and Abby's message: Make the most educated decision that's right for you.

You know how I roll, I'm always in favor of anything "real"…meaning natural, not processed, man-made, altered or manufactured (and if you're new here, now you know that about me).  Turns out there are A LOT of choices to make when you're having a baby that run the gamut from natural and holistic to traditional Western medicine.  

Full disclosure, I'm not an affiliate, I have nothing to gain by sharing this information with you-I just thought it was really beautiful and generous to see two women using their influence to create deeper awareness on the business of being born.

To learn more, or to view any of the documentaries in their five-part series, click here.

Now it's your turn! This is an important topic to share information about. Tell us about your birthing experience in the comments.  Specifically:

1) Did you have a plan? and if so, how did you come to the decision about what to do?

2) If you were to do it again (or if you plan to do it again) would you change anything?

3) If you're not a mom yet, has anything in this post changed your mind the way it did mine?

Destination Motherhood – The Business of Being Born