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Get a Tighter Body By Memorial Day: 4 Easy Tips

I was training a client at the gym in their building when a Weight Watchers commercial came on the TV in the background.  An excited lady, down 25 lbs said, “I don’t even mind my friends posting pictures of me online anymore.”  And I thought, “Damn, Weight Watchers, that is some smart marketing.”

We’ve all “untagged” pictures on Facebook (or other online forums) or even worse, made people remove pictures all together because we don’t like the way we look.  This got me thinking about all the events (read: places where people will be taking tons of pictures of you) that happen during Spring and Summer.  I know I already have two weddings, a bridal shower, and a bachelorette in my calendar…and you might have more!

So instead of threatening people’s lives if they even think about posting that picture where the back of your right arm looks kinda fat, or your Spanx weren’t exactly doing their job…

Watch this week’s video:

  • Warm up for 3-5 minutes at a moderate pace (should be about a 6 on a scale of 1-10 of difficulty)
  • “Sprint” for 30 seconds.  Depending on what you’re doing a sprint can happen with speed or resistance, the idea is you should be busting your a*s, giving all out effort for 30 seconds.  Then for the next 60 seconds (up to 90 if you need it) back down on the speed or resistance.  This is your “active rest”
  • Do 10-15 of these sprints.
  • Cool down for 3-5 minutes at a moderate to slow pace (4-5 on that same difficulty scale) and be sure to stretch, especially the legs if they’re working the hardest.

Weight Lifting Article I referenced in the vid.  Also, if you’re not sure how to weight lift, go to the right sidebar, click on Exercise under Categories and there are several workouts for you to choose from…yes!

Big thanks you to many of you who have become avid commenters here!  My favorite part is how your comments spark great conversation AND ideas for future posts so keep ’em coming…
Get a Tighter Body By Memorial Day: 4 Easy Tips