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Does Your To Do List Weigh You Down Like Wearing Wet Clothes?

Ever look at your “To Do” list and feel overwhelmed? That’s what Marie Forleo would call, “F**king NORRRMMALLL!”

Sometimes I like to take a term, like “New Years Resolution” and call it something else like “a mission” (which is exactly what we did on my teleclass last week), when the original term carries with it little-to-no significance, a negative connotation and/or weighs 1000 lbs on your shoulders.

“Diet” is another one.  I much prefer “healthy eating plan” or something to that effect.  You get the idea.  People usually give up their resolutions, or call it quits on a diet pretty quickly, so in these cases, relabeling bestows power and purpose.

People have come up with creative things to call “To Do” lists, like “Champion Checklist” or “Master Task List”, but that’s more like planting some fancy flower seeds in a pile of sh*t and immediately calling it a garden.  Until some action or change takes place it’s still a friggin’ pile of sh*t.

I’m not going to tell you stop making a To Do List, however I am going to give you the secret to lifting the weight of the tasks that are on it…

To Do Lists are a necessary evil, unless you have the most impeccable memory in the history of the Universe, or a killer personal assistant.  Since most of us are probably striking out on both accounts, we might as well take control where we can.

Stop doing these two things ASAP:

Looking at it in the morning and viewing it as an opponent rather than your partner in productivity. Accept that some of it probably won’t get done that day, and that doesn’t make you a terrible human.

Feeling overwhelmed by your list (there are a millon blogs and chapters in books about what should and should not be on your To Do List, and how to make effective ones, so I’m not going to go there).

Start doing this today (this is the secret I mentioned a minute ago):

Start making a “What I Did” List at the end of the day.

A few weeks ago, after a pretty productive day of writing, marketing, working out and preparing some healthy meals, I look back at my To Do List and realize, only “Send Alexis next BB article” was on the list.  That triumphant feeling of owning the day quickly turned to defeat when I realized that I wouldn’t be crossing off any other tasks!

After a minute of letting myself feel like crap, my thoughts instead, turned to “WHAT THE HELL KIND OF ATTITUDE IS THAT LIZ?”

I flipped open my journal and jotted down all the things I did accomplish that day, told myself I was proud of my hard work and I’ve been making “What I Did” Lists everyday since.  I love ending my day on feeling like a bad ass liver of life and producer of results.

Making the “What I Did” list is like watering that “garden” and making sure it gets lots of sunlight…it’s action, it’s change, it’s beautiful, and it’s NOT a pile of sh*t anymore, yes!

What do you think of the “What I Did” List? Share your thoughts below!

Does Your To Do List Weigh You Down Like Wearing Wet Clothes?