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Torch Some Belly Fat With This 25 Minute Workout

I used to totally HATE the treadmill.  I thought it was the most boring piece of equipment at the gym. Then I figured out how to get a little creative, make the time fly by faster (literally and figuratively!) AND increase the intensity of my workout so I could spend less time actually doing it.

Even better, I realized that every time I did one of these workouts my abs were super sore the day after-and over time that stubborn belly fat started melting away.

All of that sound good to you?

Check out this 25 minute workout.  

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to “sprint,” I included some tips for modifying the workout for your fitness level.  You’ll also notice the actual workout as I’ve listed it only takes 22 minutes-I’m giving you 3 minutes to “mess around” and either take extra rest if you need it between sprints, or spend a little extra time cooling down if that’s what your body wants.

Are there any short and sweet  25 minute workouts that you know torch some belly fat, too?  Tell us about them in the comments below the post.

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Torch Some Belly Fat With This 25 Minute Workout