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Ways To Be Happy (Part I of Many Parts)

One of the BEST ways to be happy that I’ve discovered and tested is to become a detective.

Situations will arise everyday where you want to ask yourself “Why is this happening to me?”

The place from which you ask this question is KEY.

You can ask “Why is this happening to me?” out of self pity and play the role of the victim.


You can ask “Why is this happening to me?” out of curiousity and awe, and play the role of detective.

Let me give you a recent example.

One Of The “Worst” Days Of My Life

I was in NYC a few weeks ago, scheduled to fly to San Jose, CA on a Friday for a workshop on Saturday. It was snowing when I woke up morning, but not too badly. I checked my flight status a few times before and on my way to the airport, each time it said “On Time.”

I get to the airport, look at the board on my way to the check in counter and my flight is CANCELED.

When I get to the counter I’m told I can fly to San Francisco instead, leaving one hour later. Ok, SF is two hours north of where I’m going, but not having to wait until tomorrow sounds good.

After I go through security I call the resort where I’m staying and ask the best way to get there from San Francisco. The Christy recommends the Monterey Airbus which is only $55 instead of the $200 a cab would cost. Score.

I go on their website to book it and Sanctuary Beach Resort is not on the drop down menu so I call them. The Mary tells me with 100% confidence, “That’s the same as the Best Western Beach Resort.” I have no reason not to believe her so that’s what I select.

Once that’s taken care of, I head to my gate and discover my new flight is delayed an hour. No problem, I have books and my laptop with me. Plenty to keep me busy.

One hour turns into three. I have to call to reschedule that shuttle. The only time available is an hour and a half after my delayed flight arrives in SF.

More waiting…awesome.

I’m pretty good about not sweating the small stuff, but at this point, the small stuff is really adding up. I still have a choice though-get pissed off, irritated and feel sorry for myself, OR get curious and wonder why this is happening?

Am I going to meet someone really amazing on my new flight? Or on the later shuttle to my resort? Will there be a better movie playing? Maybe the scenery from the plane will be better…who knows.

Back to my story (I know it’s a long one but the ending is totally worth it!)…

Three hours later, my flight boards.
Six or so hours later I get to SF.
90 minutes later I get on the shuttle.
Another 90 ish minutes later I arrive at the Best Western Beach Resort in Montery.

It’s 12:45am, I am exhausted.

I give the front desk guy my name, no reservation. I’m at the WRONG resort. Mary was wrong, this is not the same place!!!

I’m not gonna lie, I almost cried. Positive Patty was about to turn into Negative Nancy-but the guy called me a cab and it showed up in five minutes so I held it together.

I get in the cab and the meter is running like a god damn pinball machine. I ask the guy how the rates work, it’s .25 for ever 3/8 of a mile. I already spent $100 on a cab to the airport this morning (which feels like three days ago), what’s another $25 for a 10 minute cab ride?

We arrive at the correct destination and even though it’s dark, I can tell it’s beautiful. After I check in, Robert puts my stuff in a golf cart (swanky!). As we drive up to my room I’m already thinking, OK this less than stellar day was worth it.

He lets me into the room, which has been upgraded to a suite (at no additional charge), turns on the fireplace and hands me another key.

Robert: “Here’s the key to your golf cart Ms. DiAlto.”

(exhausted girl turns into six year old on Christmas morning)
Liz: “Shut up, are you serious?!”

Robert: (laughs a little) “Yup! Enjoy, have a great night.”

I didn’t even wait for him to close the door behind him to start giggling. The entire day was a big fat test on my gratitude muscles and my ability to stay postiive, in the moment, and enjoy my journey. I felt like I’d just received a note from the Life.

Dear Liz,
If you can hang tight and stay positive through the obstacles, what you get at the end is often far better than what you could have imagined!! I’ve got your back.
Love you!

Some journeys are short and the lesson is abundantly clear right away, like my day of travel to Monterey. Others are really long and filled with several lessons, not just one.

Always remember, if you don’t get what you want when you want it, something better is on the way. –>Click to Tweet.

So, that was one of the best ways to be happy that I’ve discovered and tested. I named this part one of many parts because there are so many MORE ways to be happy and I will be writing about them soon.

Ways To Be Happy (Part I of Many Parts)