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Why Getting Pissed Off At The Fitness Industry is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me (Part I)

This is the business part of the story of how I decided in 2013 to screw everything I’d ever learned about [online] marketing and fitness and just do things my own way.

Last week my friend Amy shared a blog post with me that made me giggle and cringe simultaneously.

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I’m grateful this reminds her of me NOW and I thought the post was awesome. But just a few years ago I was the personal trainer talking about and helping people get their bikini bodies. I even co-created a program with a name like “Slammin’ Hot Summer Body” or something like that.

Let me just say to all the women who I may have inadvertently made feel inadequate, I’m sorry. I didn’t know any better. I was still buying into what Stephanie Georgopolus describes here:

Summer’s almost here! Which means the gyms, and the magazines, and the manufacturers of body lotion, and the boyfriends, and the blunt friends, and the bored moms, and the faceless drones behind corporate social media accounts belonging to brands that dabble in bikini body season accoutrement would like to know—are dying to know—if the general public (actually, just women) are ready.

I even remember in 2012 creating a marketing plan around the times of year to capitalize on The New Years Resolution crowd, the fear of holiday weight gain, and getting in shape for summer. At some point we (fitness people) realized that most people don’t actually focus on anything once summer comes, so “getting back on track” for September is always a good promotional tool, too.

I just can’t do that shit anymore.
The fear-based language, the intentional teasing out of “pain points”…and the worst part is, it works.

To be clear, I’m not bashing the psychology of marketing, or many of peers who are fitness professionals. There are TONS whose hearts are in the right place and really want to help and they happen to make money while doing it – nothing wrong with that.

As for media outlets, especially magazines and big name brand fitness celebrities cranking out books and programs they don’t even write themselves – I appreciate it so much because it makes my blood boil and fuels my passion for providing a much more loving and connected alternative.

Some of my colleagues might think I’m an idiot for being unwilling to engage in a lot of traditional marketing tactics especially as I’ve just launched Wild Soul Movement – but I made this decision with my team during the creation process.

I didn’t want to follow the mold or the strategies everyone else was doing. I wanted to create ART. (Click to Tweet)

I want my work to move people and to make people feel. Too many women live disconnected from their bodies. It’s time to get them back in there. The female body, after all, is the most amazing work of art on earth.

I want women to visit and feel like, “This is the thing I didn’t know I needed.” – actual quote from one of my Wild Soul Movement test members during week 2.

There’s nothing self-loving about brainwashing you to believe they aren’t good enough or that I know better for your body than you do. And, it’s not true.

That’s why Wild Soul Movement is designed to be your road map to loving,understanding and accepting your whole self.

If we’re honest, that’s really the feeling behind trying to fit perfectly into a bikini every summer anyway isn’t it? You can read Part II of this story here.


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Why Getting Pissed Off At The Fitness Industry is The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me (Part I)