“Elizabeth’s revolutionary work is deceptively simple and accessible.”

We are the visionaries, the weavers, the builders, and the creators we’ve been waiting for…

In 2002 when I was 19 years old, I began seeking personal growth and development. Stumbling into the self-help world with enthusiasm and naivete, I went down the rabbit hole of mindset, positive thinking, and Law of Attraction teachings.

(Maybe you can relate?)

Those things always left me wanting for more in the realms of community and connection, especially as a mixed-race, multi-ethnic person.

After years of study, deep practice, trainings, and of course, doing my own work, I began visioning, weaving, building, and creating what I’d been craving but never able to find. That body of work, community, and support system is now called the School of Sacred Embodiment.

For the last nine years thousands of women all over the world have participated in various offerings to heal, grow, and come home to themselves in the School. To harness the power of their sacred bodies and free their wild souls. To connect with their own ancestors and Divine Support Squads. To heal their traumas and embrace their gifts and medicine. To cultivate the courage to live with TRUE power and purpose.

In 2020 (just before the pandemic) I launched the Wild Soul Sacred Body membership to be the inner sanctum of The School of Sacred Embodiment and a virtual space for real embodied healing and soul liberation.

I’m proud to say, it’s become a go-to spiritual membership for women actively committed to collective healing and liberation who are ready to vision, weave, build, and create the kind of world we can all safely live and thrive in.


“Finding Elizabeth’s work and joining the Wild Soul Sacred Body family has been so incredibly life-giving for the last two years!

I had felt stagnant in my spiritual and self-love journeys and needed more inspiration than I could find within myself and my community. I happened upon Elizabeth through her podcast at such a pivotal moment. I feel so much braver, so much more seated in my faith, and so much more grounded in my ability to surrender and release. I am so grateful to be part of a community where I can come to feel and be seen — to have people witness me as I embrace my own path. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the container you’ve created in Wild Soul Sacred Body and for all of the love you bring into this world!”

-Kate O.

Elizabeth DiAlto - Founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment
When you have trusted and reliable spiritual tools to build your practice upon, it’s easy to find your own version of what I call, “holy consistency.” You will feel confident and resourced, and know that you can face anything.

You don’t have to do anything on your own. I’m here to guide you along with our Community Manager and EmbodiMentors. You can use everything in the membership according to your own schedule and availability. As well, there’s plenty of community support and accountability to tap into any time you need it.

There is NOTHING like this anywhere else online…

To be clear, there is plenty of embodiment work available online. While our members boast about many things they feel sets our membership and community apart, there is ONE THING that we have in the Wild Soul Sacred Body membership that you absolutely can’t find anywhere else.


Wild Soul Movement is a suite of embodiment classes that I developed, which is why you won’t find it anywhere else.

Wisdom Class
These alchemical sessions use gentle movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to your body, mantras to reprogram the mind, and meditation to cultivate inner peace. Think of these sessions like work-ins rather than workouts, where the mantra is both an invitation to embodiment and something to express and help you transform as you move with it.
Flow Class
Is a place to reclaim and redefine your connection and relationship to your body, your sensuality, and how you move, express, love, and respect yourself. Music is s our guide during flow sessions. Each playlist is carefully curated to a theme that will have you experiencing your body in loving and liberating ways. Part guided sensual movement, part intuitive free movement. Flow class is kind of like if yoga and pole dancing had a delicious but laidback lovechild.
Fusion Class
Beautifully combines Wisdom and Flow to take you on an embodied journey of a particular theme and help you develop a kind, loving, and reverent relationship with your body.
Note: All Wild Soul Movement classes are rooted in inclusive movement – all fitness levels, body shapes, sizes, and abilities are welcome. No dance or movement experience is necessary, and we provide plenty of modifications for anyone who needs them.