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Wild Success + Motivation: Get Some

Whoo hoo!  So excited to be putting together the first official blog post for the new site!
After wracking my brain to decide what would be the perfect topic for today I decided on the core of everything I do.


Do you want to be in the best shape ever this summer?
Could you use a little jump start?
Would you like to be the woman in the fitting room requesting smaller sizes?

You CAN have the body you’ve always wanted.
You CAN lose weight and keep it off.
You CAN  jump out of bed with a ton of energy.
You CAN love walking around in your birthday suit (instead of hiding and covering it up!).
You CAN wear a bikini on the beach this summer.
You CAN stop worrying.
You CAN be really happy to just be you, and not compare yourself to every woman you see on the street.

You just need to go after it.

My friend Amy texted me today, “My mom is reading your blog and she TOTALLY loves you.  You inspired her to join the gym again.”  The best part about this text? She took ACTION!  Anyone can read a blog, people who are hungry for results go out and do something about it.

I want you to “meet” Michele and Maureen.   These kick a*s ladies have been going after it for two months now.  They’re crushing bad habits (such as negative self talk, eating badly and drinking 3-4 nights/wk), hitting goals, loving their bodies and getting results.

Check, check, check ’em out…

MICHELE DIAZ, Temecula, California

Since joining Liz’s Get Fit: Anywhere, Anytime Program two months ago, I’ve lost over ten pounds. What sets Liz’s program apart from any other that I’ve seen (and trust me, I’ve tried a lot) is the customization of the program for each person’s needs. Liz has a direct, tell-it-like-it is approach that I think most women will appreciate. In addition to her nutritional and fitness expertise, Liz provides one-on-one coaching sessions that supply the motivational and emotional support that other programs lack. It is this feature in particular that has helped me establish a solid foundation and the determination that will continue to drive me through any obstacles I might encounter. From almost 3,000 miles away, Liz has helped change my life!

MAUREEN SHAW, Hoboken, New Jersey:

Not only is my belt tighter by one notch, but my best friend recently told me that I look the fittest I have since she’s known me. That’s almost 9 years, people.  I’m entering month three of Liz’s Get Fit: Anywhere, Anytime program. Not to sound like a broken record — or an advertisement, for that matter — but I am one happy camper.

I went on vacation a few weeks ago. A few days before I left, I went clothes shopping. I’ve always been a size Medium up top, so naturally I grabbed a handful of Mediums to try on. I literally had to clamp a hand over my mouth to keep in my screams of delight when I realized that for the first time since high school, I actually needed a size SMALL. I started texting Liz from the dressing room like a mad woman. She had to reassure me that no, Old Navy has not re-jiggered its sizes; I was just awesome. 🙂

It gets better. The following day, I had to pack for the trip, so I pulled out my summer clothes and started trying them on. Two major victories here: I fit into a strapless dress that I haven’t worn since 2007 AND shorts that were snug on me ten months ago (during my honeymoon) almost fell off me.

Here’s the kicker though: my actual weight hasn’t budged in several weeks. I weigh myself once a week, and the numbers haven’t moved. And this has taught me a very important lesson: numbers on the scale don’t mean anything. It’s how my clothes fit and how my loved ones are taking note and complimenting me on my progress. And most importantly of all, it’s about how I FEEL. Which is pretty damn good.

Thanks for being a part of my world.  Definitely leave your comments below, show my girls your love and feel free to leave questions if you find yourself motivated, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Want to Get Fit NOW?  The deets are here.

Wild Success + Motivation: Get Some