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Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Here is a workout you can do anywhere, anytime–and get your butt kicked, sans equipment.

It’s 2011 people, and here at FH&B, I’m going to help you eliminate excuses by giving you solutions.  Business travelers…I’m talking to you, busy moms…I’m talking to you, everyone else…you listen up too!

Most people don’t think they can create the same intensity from home with no equipment that they can at the gym with access to machines, classes, and all sorts of fancy stuff…not so my FH&B friends.

This workout is comprised of two circuits, each with 5 movements

Circuit #1

Plank Jacks

Squat Jumps

Push Ups

Squat Thrusts

High Knees

What to do:

Perform each movement for 30 seconds, consecutively, then rest for 30 seconds (actively, walk around the room or jog in place, catch your breath, grab water if you need to, but don’t sit down!)  That makes a 3 minute circuit, Repeat 3-4x.


*Note, if any of the movements are too challenging, you can make them easier by moving slower, omitting any jumps, or in the case of a push up or plank, dropping to your knees.  If the movements are too easy for you, pick up the pace-you’re an animal!

Circuit #2

Jog in place

Mountain Climbers

Jump Lunges

Hi-Lo Planks

Squat-Side Kick

*Follow the same protocol as Circuit #1


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Workout Anywhere, Anytime