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You Gotta Start Somewhere

I asked this question in a facebook group the other day, “what’s something you don’t want to anyone to know about you?”

125 comments later it was clear that the two most common causes of our deepest, darkest issues are feelings of unworthiness and “I’m not good enough.”

I’ve met and coached a lot of women with big beautiful ideas and dreams of starting a business in the last two years. These same two things–feelings of unworthiness and “I’m not good enough” rank high on the list of reasons why they’re not doing it.

So I have some perspective and guidance for you today (whether you run a business or not).

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Depending on how long you’ve been rolling with me on the interwebs, you may or may not know that I started my first blog “In Fitness and in Health” in 2009 when I was still a personal trainer.

My first website, came shortly after that.

And in 2011 I started providing online services.

One of my greatest mentors along the way is Marie Forleo. She says, “If you want to be an overnight success, you have to be an everyday hustler.”

This is the damn truth. It’s been a lot of friggin’ work, tons of trial and error, and for everything you see me creating now that looks and feels really good – there are about 10x as many things that have flopped both publicly and behind the scenes, too.

Here is my very first blog post from 2009:

And here is my very first YouTube video from 2010:

Even though it’s embarrassing to dig these up and let you see me at my “worst” – it’s an important reminder that you’ve gotta start somewhere.

So if you’re harboring any big beautiful ideas and dreams I’m inviting you to lean into your apprehensions, say “screw it” to your doubts, and take one small step towards bringing them to life.

It’s actually kind of crazy how much emotional stuff surfaces when you decide to act on your dreams and ideas.

I’m rooting for you!

Lots of love,

You Gotta Start Somewhere