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Your Love Is Good Enough

I wrote this for myself, to get some feelings out. I had no intention of sharing it.

Then one of my Wild Soul women posted about an interaction with a family member and I felt compelled to share it.

Then I posted it in a private facebook group and SO MANY women resonated…I knew it wasn’t just for me.


There will always be people who can’t feel your love, no matter how hard you love them.
That is not your stuff, it’s theirs.

People will say mean things to you when they feel badly about themselves.
Do your very best to not take it personally.

These will often be the closest people in the world to you.
It’s still not your stuff.

Your feeling guilty doesn’t serve anyone.
Arguing, blaming, or acquiescing to their demands and conditions which are built on insecurities doesn’t either.

Your love is good enough.
Your love is good enough.
Your love is good enough.

YOU are good enough.

And so are they.

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Your Love Is Good Enough