Wild Soul Woman


“The time has come for you to move forward in your life with new brilliant consciousness and creative power.”

The WSW Experience is custom tailored as the breakthrough you need to trust, accept and love yourself by connecting you to your body’s wisdom. We speak every other week, check in between calls via email and I give you practices to focus on between each session.

6 months. $6600
(payment options available)

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Since 2010, I’ve invested over $30,000 to work with coaches and mentors. Each time I knew deep down that the work I was investing in would be worth it because there was so much life that I wasn’t allowing myself to experience and I couldn’t access all of my potential on my own. Each time I was scared before I said yes, but the fear felt expansive, like a worthwhile risk, like a calling, not a warning.

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I have been working on loving my body for years. Then I spent two days with Elizabeth DiAlto. A few conversations and two blogs later and I am standing naked in front of my hotel bathroom mirror, checking myself out and saying, ‘ I love you, I love you, I love you.’ I don’t do things like that. So whenever I slip into self hate, I read Liz’s stuff and listen to a Beyonce song and BAM I’m a badass again.

Kathleen Jasper