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Embodiment Help with Elizabeth DiAlto

Whether you’re in need of connection to your inner wisdom and self-love, sharpening your leadership skills, or to find the strength to revolutionize your life, embodiment help from Elizabeth can help you on your journey.


The Akashic Field is the field that connects our souls with our Source. It contains all potential and possibilities and is governed by unconditional love, Divine light, and compassion. When we work in the records we work specifically with guides called the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. The Masters oversee the journey of your whole soul, the Teachers oversee the lessons your soul is currently working, and the Loved Ones are your loved ones that have passed.

Every soul, and therefore every person, has their own MTLOs and they see and know you at your very best, and believe in your full capacity to thrive and heal. In your reading, you can ask anything you want, and receive honest, compassionate, and loving guidance that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose and life path.



Embodied Healing works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It’s integrative, it’s effective, and it gets to the roots of whatever you’ve got going on.

Sometimes in one session.

Sometimes in a series of sessions over time.

Embodiment help through Embodied healing connects you to the most natural, wise, and wild parts of you – the parts that knew how to thrive before the world conditioned that out of you.

Embodiment help through sessions like these also reminds you that you are fully human AND fully divine, and helps you to understand the sacredness and deep wisdom of your body.

So, if you’ve landed on this page, take it as a sign that you’re ready to come home to yourself on so many levels. REMEMBER, you are a vast and dynamic being and embodiment helps you to embrace ALL of you.

This also means you’re ready to see the ripple effects of engaging in an approach to healing that is informed by many disciplines and modalities. This is the difference between working with a coach and working with a “medicine woman.” The methods are vast and dynamic, just like you.

The approach is customized to meet you wherever you are right now, and help you through whatever needs tending. We love cookies, they’re delicious, but we don’t do cookie-cutter when it comes to your self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation.



“Step into your power,” “Own your truth,” and “Use your voice,” are sayings we hear A LOT in women’s empowerment circles…but how do you actually achieve and sustain these things in a way that honors who you are, how you’re built and what you’re here to do? That’s what we’ll explore in this six-month container for leaders, artists, activists, and healers.

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