Why are we here?

Separation from sacredness is the root of much of the world’s suffering, oppression, violence, and dehumanization.

When we are connected to the sacredness within ourselves and all of life it becomes much easier and more natural to make choices that honor, respect, protect, and include people, and much harder to make choices that oppress, abuse, or violate them.

Remembering sacredness so we can weave it back into the world is the Way of the Wild Soul. In the School of Sacred Embodiment, we also call it Spiritual Futurism.

You don’t have to identify with any particular belief system to be part of the Reverent Revolution we’re sowing. You just have to be open to expanding your capacity for love, healing, wholeness, liberation, and delight.

May you find something here that’s good for your soul and for the world…


The Founder

Known for her nuanced, inclusive, and humor-infused approach to spirituality and the healing arts, Elizabeth DiAlto is an Embodiment Specialist and a Spiritual Futurist.

In 2013 she founded the School of Sacred Embodiment, where she’s developed a range of healing and liberatory frameworks and modalities that blend together movement, energy work, and mystical wisdom. Her specialty is helping people live through what she calls the highest part of all of us – our Wild Soul.

A native New Yorker with Boricua and mixed-European roots, Elizabeth now calls Miami home, is an avid salsa dancer, and has a laugh that has been described as “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”

Meet the Founder

Free Resources

Wild Soul Sunday Service

Weekly temple space for women to gather, move, and pray

Wild Soul Sunday Service

Weekly temple space for women to gather, move, and pray

Wild Soul Archetypes Quiz

Embody the true and dynamice nature of your womanhood

Wild Soul Archetypes Quiz

Embody the true and dynamic nature of your womanhood

AM + PM Rituals

Begin and end your days with power and purpose

AM + PM Rituals

Begin and end your days with power and purpose

Wise + Wild Self Meditation

Get advice from your “most qualified” self

Wise + Wild Self Meditation

Get advice from your “most qualified” self


Ranked in the top .5% of podcasts worldwide, the Embodied Podcast has been a trusted resource for nuanced, grounded, and inclusive wisdom for collective healing, joy, and liberation since 2015. Tap into your true purpose and power with Host Elizabeth DiAlto as she brings you the realness, always, with curiosity, humor, and her signature blend of fierce and mystical love.

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Have fun doing it

All of the offerings in this School are built from signature embodiment tools, practices, and healing frameworks that have been proven and tested for over a decade with hundreds to thousands of students. We are also always continuously refining to meet the needs of our Wild Soul Community.

The Wild Soul Way requires us to remember that if we are here to catalyze a Reverent Revolution and be ambassadors for sacredness, our healing and liberation work must evoke our genius and our joy.

Guided Depth Work

All Levels

Wild Soul Sacred Body Membership


POWER : A Mystical Mentorship

intermediate + advanced

CHERISH Retreat Oct 31-Nov 6, 2024


Sacred Embodiment Specialist Training

Lighter Explorations

All Levels

Wild Soul Oracle Deck

All Levels

Body Love + Reverence Course

Praise & Love

Glennon Doyle

NY Times Bestselling Author of Untamed, Love Warrior and Carry on Warrior

“As a woman lost in her mind all day, I am liberated by Elizabeth DiAlto’s teachings on returning to our bodies to rediscover ourselves. And she doesn’t just talk it — she EMBODIES it: You can feel her living & breathing (& dancing!) her message in every post — can’t wait to learn more from her.”

Trudi Lebron

Founder of The Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching, Host of the Business Remixed Podcast

“Elizabeth is the real deal. She is a modern-day healer for those of us who are looking for a new approach to embodiment and spiritual practice. Not only is she just magical but she also is an amazing example of how to have a deep connection to spirituality while holding space for the realness of the world. I just love everything about her.”

Terri Cole

Creator of Boundary Bootcamp, Author of Boundary Badass

“Elizabeth DiAlto is a force of nature. She is a natural leader who brings honesty, vulnerability and humor to the exploration of sometimes difficult topics. An original thinker with a deep lust for life, Elizabeth inspires her community simply by being her authentic, raw, brave, ballsy, brilliant self. I encourage all of my clients to become a part of Elizabeth’s Wild Soul world and they are forever grateful.”

Jadah Sellner

Founder and Host of the Lead with Love Podcast

“Elizabeth is part mystic, part healer, and all love. Her embodiment work is an invitation to be in your body, move your body, express yourself, protect yourself, and deeply fall in love with every part of yourself from the inside out. My favorite part is there is beautiful bridge between sensuality, laughter, strength, and fierce boundaries. If you are a modern womxn with an old soul, you’ll find a new way of taking care of your body and the community you’ve been seeking.”

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