Wild Soul Sunday Sessions: A gentle, sensual, and innovative “work-in” for your spirit

WHAT IS IT? Online temple space for women to gather, move, and pray. (Kid friendly for the mamas who need it to be)
WHY GIVE IT A TRY? Ground into the energy of your wildness (your truest nature and creative genius) and your sacredness (wisdom of your soul, geniune purpose, and power) and bring more of both into your LIFE
HOW TO ACCESS? Live sessions are currently on pause, but you can enter your name and email to receive a session recording of your choice (22 themes to choose from!)

“My life and spirituality feel more invigorated and vitalized. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of what I need or desire available in my in-person community, the community gathering aspect has been extra special to me.”


– Kate O

Any opportunity to listen and learn from Elizabeth is always SO wonderful and nourishing. Sunday Services have helped me develop a weekly ritual that I look forward to and can count on when things feel so busy and overwhelming. I feel moore connected to myself, they’ve given me thoughts and ideas to think about, and provided comfort and care when it feels like the world is burning.”


-Leanne S

“Because of the time difference I can’t attend live, but it’s become the most beautiful Monday morning ritual for me, to wake up and watch/listen/practice – sometimes full engagement, sometimes I do as much as I can while I get ready for work. Either way I LOVE it!”


– Cath

“I am feeling the call to dive into creating a regular practice and grow my relationship to God, I’ve never really had one. Ditto for my body. Participating in Sunday Service feels like the best of both.”


– Kelly R

“It helps to reconnect me to my values and gives me space to reflect. These are essential things for my well-being!”


– Kimber C

“It’s the one thing I genuinely look forward to in my week, that alone is helping a lot right now. “


– SR

“It’s given me something that I enjoy to look forward too. It’s changed my perspective of practicing spiritually outside of the current Christian model that triggered me recently so I escaped. Grateful to have a community to share in.”


– Jesmarie L