The School of
Sacred Embodiment

Hi, I’m Elizabeth.

I’m the founder of the School of Sacred Embodiment (est. Sept 2013) and Host of the Embodied podcast (est. May 2015). Essentially, I am a map-making mystic, here to help guide you home to yourself.

Think of me like a sensual, truth-bringing, wild-souled friend/mentor who is also part Care Bear and exceptionally skilled at helping people tap into their TRUE power and purpose.

This page is part info and part love letter – to your soul, to my soul, and to the soul of the School of the Sacred Embodiment.

Welcome! We are all so glad you’re here.

Elizabeth DiAlto

Imagine a society that is built on sacredness, not separation

This is my wildest dream! It’s what I believe is possible and it’s why my body of work is for mystics and spiritual seekers. We are the ones who came to embrace the complex and paradoxical nature of life and bring immense healing, liberation, and grace to all of it.
I think I write in run-on sentences, because I, myself am a run-on sentence.
I am a highly creative psychic and sensitive, mystical, mixed-race, multi-ethnic woman with Caribbean Taíno roots. It took me a very long time to discover all of my parts and all of my gifts. Embracing, expressing, and integrating is my own ongoing healing and liberation work.
If your heart burns to know the Divine, commune with your ancestors, serve love, and be part of a reverent revolution for sacred living – you’ve got a Wild Soul, too!
No matter who you are, where you’re from, what you do, who you love, where you went to school, or how much money you make, the world needs more of us living out here, untamed. My “job” is to help you peel away the layers of wounding and conditioning that keep you from fully embodying all of your gifts and all of your parts so you can let your Wild Soul guide your life.

School of Sacred Embodiment Values

In an age of “spiritual influencers” and culty, “look-at-me” lifestyle brands running rampant on social media, the true meaning, gravitas, and significance of certain language has become very diluted. In this School, we always aim to bring depth, realness, and respect to everything we share, so here are our values defined in clear and sacred terms that we actually PRACTICE and EMBODY.

JOY is about prioritizing the forms curiosity, beauty, humor, and delight that sustain us

LOVE includes truth, integrity, and real deal compassion + forgiveness (I’m talking about the kind that acknowledges harm done and doesn’t bypass trauma and responsibility)

LIBERATION requires awareness, analysis, and action (h/t Dr. Barbara J. Love). This means healing and cultivating community + freedom for everyone – not just a select few. Also grace. So. Much. Grace.

PEACE goes hand in hand with sowing harmony and asks us to practice embodying genuine humility, equanimity, non-attachment, surrender, and trust

PROSPERITY we have a framework for this in the SoSE – prosperity, in our world, must be rooted in sufficiency, sustainability, satisfaction, and soulfulness. This ain’t just about the money, honey!

“I’ve done a LOT of women’s work, including erotic/sensual embodiment, and even led some. Yours is the best I’ve found, because you, dear one, are real, solid, inclusive, and understand trauma and the nervous system and social and psychological safety.”

– Ellyn Kacy

Sacred Embodiment + Wild Soul Liberation


Sacred Embodiment facilitates healing and wholeness which are crucial pathways to TRUE purpose and power.

Embodiment on its own means having a felt sense of connection to your body and awareness of your nervous system. When you’re embodied, you can notice and name your sensations, emotions, and feeling states.

On the deeper, more wild and sacred levels we focus on here, embodiment gives you access to your body’s wisdom, signals, and communication. Practicing Sacred Embodiment enhances your ability to perceive your intuition and the presence of spiritual guidance and support.

In the School of Sacred Embodiment, we don’t separate the human and the soul or the body and the spirit.

Getting to the place where you can treat all of your parts – and I really mean every aspect of you – with equal reverence is THE ROOT of our medicine.

This is important for collective healing and liberation because once you learn to treat yourself this way, treating others this way and standing up for what you believe in comes more naturally, too.

Difficult things like courageous communication, setting boundaries, developing unwavering self-trust and self-worth, leading with love, letting go of the past, and releasing habits like control, codependency, and people-pleasing, are so much easier when your Wild Soul is free to power up your life.

Exciting things like becoming excellent and inspired at using your voice, being an amazing lover, friend, sister, mother, activist, leader, business owner, or whatever else it is that you desire to do and be, or dream about creating also become easier when you just know in your bones that Life also wants those things for you.

Think of what we do as Spiritual Futurism

We’re here to envision a future where sacredness, wildness, and the spiritual nature of both are woven back into everyday life, as it used to be for lifetimes (which many of us both remember and long for). And it’s ok that the world is a very different place. That’s why I say Spiritual Futurism… because we don’t need to go back. We’re always moving forward. The questions we live in and the visions we hold always ask us to consider what exactly we are bringing with us as we evolve.

The School of Sacred Embodiment has four core pathways for personal and collective healing and liberation.

Whether you’re learning how to work with your Wild Soul Archetypes -the Sovereign Queen, Warrior Goddess, Sacred Creatress, Medicine Woman, Divine Mother, and Erotic Priestess…

Turning your relationship with yourself into one of the most passionate love affairs of your life with our Embodied Self Love framework…

Learning how to tap into your TRUE purpose and power and trust yourself through our Wild Soul Movement practices and our Wild Soul Liberation framework…

OR coming to experience your body as the pathway, portal, and temple that it is with our Body Love + Reverence work…

We’re here to help you access ALL OF THAT and craft a journey uniquely your own that honors who you are and how you’re built, at a pace that is both gentle and focused for your system.

How this school came to be

Much of my journey has been about drinking the poison so I could discover an antidote.

I’ve gone into the belly of a lot of beasts – intense family dysfunction with emotional and psychological abuse, fitness and diet culture, New Age spirituality, and perhaps the most insidious – the online entrepreneur / Digital CEO / Girl Boss world.

I had to let myself be consumed by the toxic systems and cultures that these beasts thrive on so that I could map my way out.

I won’t get into all the dirty details here because I have a podcast with over 400 episodes where I do that, but here are some of the big turning points…

In 2012 I was a struggling personal trainer working at a fancypants boutique fitness studio in the West Village of Manhattan. I was good at this job. People had been lining up for my spinning, Zumba, and total body conditioning classes from NYC to Washington DC for years.

Fitness – more accurately, the body – had always been my passion, and that year two other passions emerged – energy work and mysticism. Soon, the three would blend together and call me home to myself and towards the work I was really meant to do.

But first, I had to have a very literal RUDE AWAKENING.

A person from Marie Claire had caught wind of a class I’d created and wanted me to submit a video for their website.

The owner of the boutique studio where I worked hired hair and makeup people and a video crew. I was very excited about the shoot.

That is until they covered up my lil Punky Brewster freckles with makeup, straightened my wild curls within an inch of their bouncy life, and slathered an amount of lipgloss on me that I wouldn’t even wear to a club, let alone the gym.

They even painted contour lines on my stomach despite having my own visible abs (and listen, I’m Italian and Puerto Rican, your girl is naturally thick and I had worked my ass off for those damn abs!).


I got pissed and my Wild Soul got loud. Three months later I quit that studio. A year and a half later I was out of the fitness industry entirely.

The year I turned 30, I moved across the country to put some distance between me and my family so I could heal.

I was also beginning immersive training and studies with embodiment mentors and on my own.

As my spiritual and emotional maturity grew stronger throughout my 30s, I was continuously synthesizing and reverse engineering my processes, offering what I was learning and integrating, and inviting people to heal, grow, and transform along with me.

Of all of my trainings and study, I have to give the most credit and gratitude for what came next to learning how to read the Akashic Records with Helen Vonderhide and Linda Howe and doing an Erotic Movement Arts training with Rie Katagiri.

In 2018, all of my mystical parts and gifts and all of my human parts and gifts finally clicked into place in a cohesive way.

Sacred Embodiment + (Wild) Soul Liberation

As I write this, it’s 2023 and I’m looking back on the last decade, seeing it as the magical period of research and development that it was

It’s been an intense honor and a privilege to create this School where we help thousands of women to embody healing, grace, and liberation and become shining examples of them, too. Some of our greatest creations to date are –

The Embodied Podcast – a trusted resource for nuanced, grounded, and inclusive wisdom for collective, healing, joy, and liberation that’s ranked in the top .5% of podcasts worldwide with over 400 episodes and 4 million downloads.

Signature Healing Frameworks for Embodied Self Love, (Wild) Soul Liberation, and Soulful Prosperity

Wild Soul Movement – a suite of healing movement methods that help women get out of their heads and into their bodies to do deep emotional release and nervous system regulation work while connecting to their mystical hearts and accessing their intuition

Liberatory and Life-Altering Approaches to Body Reverence, Holy Consistency, Wild Dreaming, and Prayer

All of Our Offerings! – from courses, programs, and membership, to Sacred Embodiment Specialist Training, weekend workshops, retreats, and more

I am beginning to imagine what’s in store for the next decade at the School of Sacred Embodiment and all I can tell you right now is that it feels VERY EXPANSIVE. I hope you’ll get in on this ever-unfolding liberatory adventure with us and see for yourself!

Big Wild Soul + Care Bear Love,

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