Women have been waking up to their freedom, power, sovereignty, wholeness, worthiness, and true potential for a while now.

2020 has instigated what we’ll all look back on someday as the biggest collective healing revolution of our time.

This revolution isn’t just being televised, it’s being blasted all over social media every day, which is more distracting and consuming than it is helpful.

Untaming yourself is about shifting that.

Everything we do here is offered with the intention of interrupting the distractions and consumption to catalyze deep and integrated healing – in our own lives and in the world.

EMBODIMENT is our vehicle – and the way I teach embodiment is through an integrated physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual approach.

Embodiment is inherently revolutionary for any woman who has ever felt ashamed of, less than or disempowered because of her body.

This is why we work primarily with the Wild Woman archetype.

It’s also why I created a quiz to help you dial into the Wild Woman archetype more personally to connect with your own unique expression of womanhood.


The Institute for EMBODIED Living is the culmination of 12+ years of work across many different fields: Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Personal Development, and Healing.

It’s also informed by my own healing and education around embodiment, energy medicine, self love, social justice + collective liberation, boundaries, body image, trauma, healthy relationships, and identity (shout out to my fellow mixed race or multi-ethnic folks!).

I believe every woman’s experience of inhabiting her body can be one of the greatest – if not THE GREATEST love affairs of her life. As well as an access point to TRUE power and purpose.

And this isn’t just an idea or theory. I have SEEN this serve thousands of women as a vital key to shifting out of survival mode and into thriving in their lives.

This doesn’t mean life is never messy or hard again, that would be magical thinking. What it does mean is we can meet the messes and the hard times with greater resiliency, gentleness, and confidence.

I say “we” and “our” because I am always right up in the work with you. I also believe that as women, deep down we know in our bones that we are meant to be, work and move through life together– in sacred, loving, and collaborative ways.

THE EMBODIED LIVING CENTER is a place for women to revolutionize their healing journeys and embody self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. It’s a place to feel safe and at home in your body, and as YOURSELF. 

There’s nothing like it anywhere else online.

More than a course or a program…
More than a movement studio…
More than a resource for great content and education…
More than a community…

Think of it as your personal “Cave of Wonders” meets “Mary Poppins Bag” for embodied living.

Mini Courses:

4-6 week deep dives combining workshop and Q+A sessions exploring the full range of topics that fall under self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. Through mini courses we explore a range of topics through an embodied perspective such as — learning how to trust yourself, developing discernment process, self-confidence, setting boundaries, how to date in your 30s (or 40s!), letting go of control, reasons to love your body, and more.


We have six signature classes inside the EMBODIED Living Center — Wild Soul MOVEMENT, Wild Soul SWEAT, Sacred Body Work, Erotic Body Movement, Breath-Based Meditations, and Healing Meditations.

Each week:

I stream six new classes (one of each) to add to our ever-expanding on-demand libraries, and our Community Leaders add posts, prompts, and conversations starters for members to connect, share, and be witnessed on.

Each month:

We have a community connection and Q+A call on Zoom to get to know each other and “Ask Elizabeth Anything”. These are super juicy and free-flowing and the Ask Elizabeth Anything portion is recorded for those who can’t make it live.


Mini courses are also available on their own for anyone who doesn’t want to join the EMBODIED Living Center. New ones are offered every quarter.

Coming up next…

November 2020 — Wild Soul Archetypes
January 2021 — Less Control, More Magic




Wild Soul MOVEMENT is a healing movement practice and embodiment modality that I created in 2013.
It combines four things:

  1. Movement and breath to learn to connect with and listen to the body.
  2. Mantras to reprogram and empower the mind (these are English mantras that I write myself, we do not appropriate from other cultures).
  3. Meditation to cultivate inner peace.
  4. Self-reflection to develop emotional literacy and discernment through our feelings and senses.

In 2016, after three years of offering Wild Soul MOVEMENT primarily through an online program that explored my 8 EMBODIED Pathways to Healing and Wholeness, enough students were asking for teacher training for me to say yes!

After tweaking it for three years, Wild Soul MOVEMENT Teacher Training now runs twice a year. It’s a 6-month training program, and graduates can either become certified Wild Soul MOVEMENT Teachers or integrate the embodiment tools and practices from the training into their own bodies of work.

The next cohort begins in March 2021.


The EMBODIED Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto has been a top podcast in women’s self help and spirituality since its debut in 2015, with over 330 episodes and 3 million downloads. In summer 2020, the format shifted away from interviews to solo episodes. The show now airs in short, 8-episode, deep-dive seasons into the most popular topics in our programs, workshops, and healing sessions.

The most recent season is based on a framework I created for a talk at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition Annual Conference in 2017 on self love.


Elizabeth’s podcast has been a consistent, uplifting, and educational find. I am always taken aback by how wise beyond her years and what a divine soul Elizabeth is. I’ve been a long-time listener and continue to learn and laugh along the way. Thank you!

-Chanty and Lynx

I am a long-time listener to Elizabeth’s podcast and I’m continually in awe of the diversity and important wisdom that she and her guess offer. These are the kinds of conversations that are changing the world. Thank you so much! This review really could not do justice to how much I revere your work.


Elizabeth is the kind of role model I’ve been looking for. She teaches and lives from freedom was saying deeply devoted to serving this world. She’s reconnected me to values like social justice and your interviews have led me to more than one life-changing teachers and programs. And she is so fun and inspiring to listen to! Highly recommend!


This is my absolute favorite podcast. I find it so healing and listen daily – it’s better than therapy. Elizabeth is warm, magnetic, and ebullient, she’s super spiritual but in such a bold and refreshing way

-Jaz Ward


It’s me here, Elizabeth, writing this, but here’s the official third person bio:

Known for her raw, honest, and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality, Elizabeth DiAlto specializes in helping women embody self love, healing, wholeness and liberation. Her body of work has evolved out of 12+ years of experience across several fields including: Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Personal Development, and Healing–the last seven of which she’s spent helping women untame themselves.

Everything she does is also informed by her own healing and education around embodiment, energy medicine, self love, collective liberation, boundaries, body image, trauma, healthy relationships, and identity. Elizabeth is the creator of Wild Soul Movement, founder of The Institute for EMBODIED Living, and host of the EMBODIED podcast – which has been downloaded over 3 million times.

On a more personal note–she’s an avid Latin dancer, novice container gardener, and has a laugh that has been described as, “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”



Embodied Healing works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It’s integrative, it’s effective, and it gets to the roots of whatever you’ve got going on.
Sometimes in one session.
Sometimes in a series of sessions over time.


The Akashic Field is the field that connects our souls with our Source. It contains all potential and possibility and is governed by unconditional love, Divine light, and compassion.
Every soul, and therefore every person, has their own records. In your reading, you can ask anything you want, and receive honest, compassionate, and loving guidance that’s aligned with your soul’s purpose and life path.


I don’t think a lot of people realize how much work goes into bringing a website to life and making sure all the pertinent and necessary information to deliver a message and an array of services stays current, updated, and useful.

There are SO MANY moving parts and truly no one can do it on their own.

The people that made this most current and updated version of this website possible deserve a ton of gratitude – so BIG THANK YOU to Renia Carsillo of Genevieve Digital who specializes in sustainable growth strategies and oversaw the whole project, Christina Salerno, my right hand, Integrator, and Business Mechanic Extraordinaire, Angela Tan our Tech and Systems VA, Rachel Pesso who’s been doing my branding and creative since 2014, Grant Wilkinson who developed the site, and the photographers whose work over the years is featured – Linda Abbott, Kat Harris, and Christa Meola.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youuuuu!!!

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