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10 Days to a Tighter, Leaner Physique

Today is the day…

People ask me all the time, What do you do? And I think they’re expecting some intricate routine and elaborate diet.  Not the case, which you’ll soon find out.

My favorite thing about having a compelling date in the calendar is that it leaves no time for effing around.  I can’t put off my plan until next week, this past weekend was 4th of July, no hot dogs or beers for me even though they were readily available.  And best of all, willpower isn’t an issue.  Leave most people to succeed on willpower alone and well…you end up with a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry because people will fail over and over and move onto the next program….fingers crossed “Maybe this one will work!”

But, find the right motivation…give someone a reason to look at something and say, “I want to do this for me, I CAN do this for me.”  And now you’re on a much better track.

It’s only 10 days…

That’s not even two weeks people.  For me, it’s about making tweaks to get my bod looking the way I want.  For you it might be about kickstarting that as* into high gear and finally getting serious about how you want to look, feel and maybe also having more energy that doesn’t brew in pot or come out of a can.  Either way-stepping your game up for a short period of time is always a great learning experience.  What is it about for you?  Tell me in the comments…


I’m not saying this to be condescending, I’m saying it for the all powerful CYA factor (Cover Your As*).  The 10 Day plan I’m about to lay out for you, is designed for me.  I’d consider my fitness level advanced (um…working out = my job). So if you’re reading this and you’re at more of a beginner or intermediate state, take advantage of the comments section to ask questions about how to  make adjustments for your fitness level.  I’d do it in the post, but it’s much more helpful for you personally if I just field specific questions after you read through.

Let’s get this party started

A few weeks back I was extremely fired up and motivated on Tewsday and posted this:  Me, You, Nike and Audrey Hepburn.  If you’ve read it you know that this quote now governs my life…

Nothing is impossible.  The word itself says, “I’m possible.”

I also decided in that post that my body muse would be this mannequin from the Nike store on 57th in NYC.  Who or what is your body muse?

What I’m gonna be eating

In addition to finding positive motivation, keeping things simple is critical for success.  The plan below is intentionally boring and requires very little thinking.  It’s comprised of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day.

I don’t mention beverages, so here’s what I’ll be drinking: 3L of filtered water per day, beginning with a cup of hot water with lemon in first thing in the morning. I’m also skipping coffee and going for 1-2 cups of green tea per day and I like to cap off the night with Yogi Bedtime Tea.  No sweeteners.  I remind you, it’s only 10 days.

You’ll also notice my last meal happens around 6-8pm (depends on my schedule).  The primary benefit of sleep is repair. Not eating 2-3 hours before bed lets the body digest so you don’t waste any time on that while you sleep.

Why it works:

  • I don’t let more than 3-4 hours go by without eating, this keeps my metabolism going and energy levels steady.  No crashing and peaking throughout the day.
  • Lunch and dinner can be interchangeable depending on my schedule and where I am.
  • Focus is to keep things as simple as possible.
  • When the plan is laid out, all you have to do is follow it and not waste time making decisions.  This also means there’s very little room for cravings and temptation…Amen.
  • I’m not intentionally cutting calories or eating less, I’m eating A TON OF FOOD, it’s just loaded with nutritional value as opposed to a laundry list of muti-syllabic ingredients that definitely don’t occur naturally from the earth or animals.


6-7am Breakfast:

6 egg whites

1-2 cups steamed kale, broccoli or spinach

1 piece Ezekiel toast

1 tbsp low sodium salsa (less than 150 mg per serving)

This is from last week when I was leaving 1 yolk in


  • use real eggs, they taste better and are more satisfying.  If you don’t want your trash to stink, store the yolks in the freezer until trash day then take them out.
  • steam fresh veggies that day or steam a whole bunch ahead of time and just reheat.  You could also defrost frozen, but I prefer fresh!
  • Ezekiel bread stacks up way better nutritionally than most brands. It has fewer carbs, and more fiber and protein.  You  can also pronounce all of the ingredients.
  • low sodium salsa makes it bearable without adding unnecessary sugar or fat.  You didn’t really think I was going to skip out on all flavor whatsoever did you?

9-10am snack:

Protein shake. This is easy, get a shaker, add 1 scoop protein, 8-12 oz of filtered water (if you like a thinner drink, add more).  I use whey, but you can use whatever protein you like.  If you can’t stand the taste add a little cinnamon.  I think  a little sprinkle of cinnamon makes just about everything taste better.

12-1pm Lunch:

double the amount of ground turkey or grilled chicken that I’d normally eat over salad greens with 1tbsp balsamic vinegar and if you must 1/4 tbsp olive oil as the dressing OR 1/4 avocado as the dressing.


  • 2-3 cups of the lettuce of your choice.  I love to use kale in salads because it’s extra filling, sometimes I’ll mix it with romaine or arugula for some variety.
  • add as many other veggies as you like, but keep starchy items like corn, beans and artichokes to a minimum.
  • Be careful to only use these small amounts for dressing-good fat is only good fat if it’s not overdone.
  • toss it all together or shake it up in a tupperware and enjoy.

3-4pm snack #2

Ostrim jerkee and some raw veggies.


The protein to carb ratio of jerkee is pretty good, but the sodium is not ideal at all.  Considering  that my 9am snack and my 12pm lunch had very little sodium, it’s ok.  My goal is to keep it under 700mg for the day total.  I’m not into counting things really, these are inherent characteristics of following a plan like this.

6-8pm Dinner

Some kind of “stir fry” meaning, double the amount of ground turkey or chicken that I’d normally use, lots of veggies, might do onions and peppers, green beans and spinach, broccoli…choose your favorite.  If you must, 1/4 cup cooked brown rice.  I cook things with cooking spray and use seasonings like garlic, oregano, basil, parsley and cilantro for flavor.  For the next 10 days I’m not interested in extra BS hidden in sauces/marinades..etc.

Stuffed peppers are a great example, add a side of veggies and you're set!

The workout plan

I’m not going to layout every detail of my workouts here, but stay tuned at the end of the post, where I give you an opportunity to win a brand new digital handbook that will be released as a paid product in September…FOR FREE that will include those details.

Day 1 Metabolic Conditioning workout

Day 2  Track workout + Kettlebell workout

Day 3  30 minutes cardio + 45 minutes resistance training*

Day 4  Metabolic Conditioning workout

Day 5 20 minutes incline walking interval cardio + 45 minutes resistance training

Day 6  Track workout + Kettlebell workout

Day 7  30 minutes cardio + 45 minutes resistance training

Day 8 Metabolic Conditioning workout

Day 9  20 minutes incline walking interval cardio + 45 minutes resistance training

Day 10  Track workout + Kettlebell workout

* resistance training = lifting weights.

That’s it.

The key, as I’ve already mentioned more than once is simplicity.  Set yourself up for success.  Now, I’m not training for a figure competition or something that requires very little body fat, I just want to look tighter and leaner for my photo shoot.  What’s your goal?


Since I originally posted this in July, I’ve launched a program called Tighter in 10 Days, it’s basically an easy-to-follow comprehensive version of this plan including workout videos, a nutrition plan and more. Click here for full details.


10 Days to a Tighter, Leaner Physique