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3 Super INefficient Exercises (that you probably do) & What To Do Instead

One of THE BIGGEST goals of my biz is to make fitness easy to digest for people.  That’s why I cater to people with busy lives and schedules.  I’ve spent enough time in gyms to know that A LOT of people waste too much of their precious time on exercises that don’t yield a high return.

So this week I’m putting my foot down on this nonsense!

The video below will shed some necessary light and really help you out.  And remember what I always say…IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  How are you supposed to know some of these exercises aren’t that great when for years you’ve been thinking they are?


I even surveyed some of my favorite fitness colleagues to make sure I’m not crazy and the verdict is in, these are THE MOST inefficient exercises we see people doing all of the time…and what you can do instead to get better results.

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Leave your comments and thoughts below, even if you’re shocked and dismayed.

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3 Super INefficient Exercises (that you probably do) & What To Do Instead