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EP 325: Emergent Strategy with Adrienne Maree Brown

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Y’all! This is the last interview of 2019…next week we start the Journey Into The Wild Soul, which I’ll say more about in a moment, but first, today’s guest is someone I was looking forward to having on the show all year.

Her name is adrienne maree brown and her book Emergent Strategy is one that I keep near by to flip through like an oracle deck ever so often to be inspired, ignited and reminded of who I am and what I’m here to do.

Quick note before we get into the interview, adrienne travels a ton for teaching and facilitating and had to get ready for a flight during our interview, so there is some background noise, however, it didn’t impact her level of presence at all and the convo is golden.

Now that that’s out of the way, her big truth was that she’s going to die, which sparked a conversation around how things move and what really matters to her. We talked about humility and curiosity and “doing” separate from productivity, meaning, how can you do what you want to do with the time you have.

We talked about how we’re all socialized under capitalism and the impact that has on how we connect and relate to one another. She shared how she maintains a healthy nervous system as she navigates becoming more visible in her work.

We discussed rigor and not just getting people to do “their work,” but to stay in it, which led to a discussion of shame and accountability. And finally, we geeked out on somatics and embodiment.

I really loved this chat and hope you will too. Share it up, find us on Instagram, let us know what you thought, use it to have discussions with your loved ones…you know the drill.

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About Adrienne Maree Brown:
Adrienne Maree Brown is a writer, facilitator, emergent strategist, healer, doula, sci fi scholar, philosopher and pleasure activist living in Detroit.

Connect with Adrienne:
Website | Instagram | Facebook

What You’ll Hear:
8:30 How Adrienne feels in her body right now
11:01 The truth that is having an impact in Adrienne’s life right now
14:14 Keeping your intention on the right things
17:55 Being excited about her work and the freedom that comes with that
23:18 Why people don’t hear each other and how humility and curiosity are balms for that
25:20 The concept of “humble bragging”
30:23 Getting attention and moving it to where you want it
33:38 Removing barriers for entry for others
35:35 Practicing generosity and feeding into your passions
38:09 The bridge between shame and accountability
40:25 Evoking changes in our capitalism driven world
41:36 The role that embodiment plays in Adrienne’s life and work
47:01 How Adrienne uses embodiment to tend to her nervous system around being seen
53:47 Creating your own boundaries to navigate particular situations
57:37 Being confident in your own body

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds
Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good

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“It’s that feeling of, I’m not going to be here forever. So am I doing what I want to be doing with the time that I have?” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“The times that I’ve said no to what other people have wanted for me and said yes to what was emerging inside of me have gone really well.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“Humility to me is just how we should be oriented toward the universe.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“For me, humility is the thing that keeps me right at that intersection where I do care about what other people think about me and every day I try to care about that a little less.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“You will not be satisfied with what other people think of you, ever.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“How do we get attention and then move it to where we want to be?” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“I think there’s a way to build analysis in people when they walk in the door that isn’t punishing and I think there are ways to do it that is punishing.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“It’s really important that we attend to the pleasure of people who are trying to change the world and that they’re able to reclaim that within themselves.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“If the only thing you know how to produce in yourself and others is shame, then you’ve gotten too caught up in that system .” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“One of the things that are taken from us by oppression and the layers of capitalism is the idea that we can experience pleasure, joy and embodiment in these current bodies.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“Flocking is a choice. Not every species makes it and not every species survives but those who make it almost always survive.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

“Me feeling confident in my body and wearing things to let you know that I feel confident in my body is not an invitation to my body, it’s my expression outward.” – Adrienne Maree Brown

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EP 325: Emergent Strategy with Adrienne Maree Brown