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The Answer to Body Sabotage: Harmony

Guest Post by: Kelsea Brennan, Life Coach and Fitness Instructor

“Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.”—  Shakti Gawain

Recently in an interview on I heard something profound. Kate was talking about our ideas and motivation behind exercise so often coming from a place of hate and disapproval of our body, rather then exercising from a place of love and appreciation for what is. Kate hit on exactly what had caused me three days of aches on a recent mission to thin my thighs.

Rather then embodying our physical selves so many of us, are living our lives based on the shoulds and desires of our minds. Case in point “I should finish this workout there are only 10 minutes left, ” when really the body may be saying ‘enough.’ This state of disconnect between mind and body leaves us feeling tired, frustrated and confused. It creates lack of results, and more importantly lack of inner peace.  When we think we should be doing a particular something, but do not see the results we desire, lack of motivation sets in.  Top that off with an overall disapproval of our body and immediately energy plummets.

Yet, in the idea of listening to anything other than itself, the mind freaks out. When in fact if we tune in and pay more attention we can begin to work with the body rather than against it and honor it’s requests.  It can then appear that exercise increases with less effort, healthy foods replace our favorite snacks and overall we feel better and more energized.  In this connection to something other then just our mind, harmony finds it’s way into our lives and eventually starts to infiltrate every area.

Working in harmony with our bodies is so much more than doing but really a state of being.  Our body knows what it needs in order to maintain health.  It knows when and when not to exercise, how hard to push, when and what to eat and when to rest.  Through tuning into exactly what we are working (our physical selves) we will begin to get quicker more aligned results.  When we connect with the right source we will be told how to proceed.

Although this is not always an easy task with practice and a gentle remembering to ask before we act, the body will start to speak more loudly and clearly and become less muffled by the noise of our mind, food it doesn’t want and exercise that isn’t serving it.  Set the intention everyday to live in harmony with your body, when you begin to love and listen to it, your body will begin to love you back.

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The Answer to Body Sabotage: Harmony