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Awesome Arm Workout For Women

When I posted my Armpit Fat workout video, I got some flack from people saying “Liz! You should know there’s no such thing as targeting body parts with exercises”…OF COURSE I know that.  I also know how powerful intention, focus, and energy are.

If you truly want to improve a particular area of your body and you give it attention, visualize it looking the way you want it to while you’re doing these exercises, you will improve it.

Additionally, if you’re eating a clean diet, drinking 2-3L of water/day, and engaging in other workouts throughout the week for your entire body-the results will come much faster.

So today, I have an awesome arm workout for you.  It takes about 16 minutes, so you can do it on it’s own if you’re looking for something short and low intensity.  It’s also a great addition to a cardio workout if you want to get in some resistance training on any given day.

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Awesome Arm Workout For Women