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Boobs, Core, and Outdoor Workouts…Oh My!

The last two weeks have been a little crazypants here.

This blog has been viewed around 15,000x. That’s usually how many times this entire site is viewed in one whole month (especially since I haven’t blogged that much in 2013)

A few days after posting it, I watched this and was so freaking inspired. I decided my old way of doing things is no longer acceptable.

So, this is your notification that some serious up-leveling is already under way around here.

This week and next, I’m releasing the last little bits of the “old stuff” that I created.

I thought about just scrapping these videos – but that’s a total waste for several reasons.

Someone recently described me on Facebook as, “the woman who created a movement, and a safe space and a celebration of women – all with one blog post. magic.” So really the choice uplevel was made for me. I am excited to step my game up, yo.

The safe space she’s referring to is here.

Before THE BLOG POST there were 353 members of that community, as of this moment there are 824…and the courage, honesty, openness and support is a miracle to witness everyday.

I’m not sharing this info with you to get all Ron Burgundy from Anchorman on you.

image credit:

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I’m just letting you know that everything is changing – for the great, for the excellent, for the “beyond our wildest dreams.”

It feels really good.

I hope you can feel it, or at least sense it, too.

2014 is going to be wild.

So again, keep in mind when you watch the three videos below, that these are the last of the “good.” And feel free to hold me to it!




I’d love to know which one ends up being your favorite – these are my last videos in Laguna Beach, the scenery is extra lovely.


Dedicated to up-leveling the quality and depth of what I create for you in 2014,

Boobs, Core, and Outdoor Workouts…Oh My!