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The EMBODIED Podcast with Elizabeth DiAlto has been a top podcast in women’s self-help and spirituality since its debut in 2015, with over 330 episodes and 3 million downloads. In summer 2020 I shifted away from the interview format to doing a solo, series-based show where I take deeper dives into the most popular topics that come up in my programs, workshops, and healing sessions such as embodiment, discernment, boundaries, how to love yourself, how to trust yourself, dating in your 30s (or 40s!), and more.

The most recent season is based on a framework I created for a talk at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition Annual Conference in 2017 on self love. Binge listen now to explore Self Awareness, Self Knowledge, Self Acceptance, Self Trust, Self Respect, and Boundaries.

Latest Embodied Podcast Episodes

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This was the first podcast I started to listen to and I was mind blown! Elizabeth has opened up my mind and heart to topics I wouldn’t typically tap into. I like that it has moved to a slower pace, it has given me a chance to really soak in the subjects. Sometimes I will give it a listen on the go in my car or I can watch it on YouTube if I am staying home. I would say thanks to this podcast I was able to mature and have great aha moments for whatever I was going through in my life. Thanks Elizabeth!


With so many great podcasts on the rise, Elizabeth is a constant listen-to for me. She’s so authentic, something like a warm blanket on a chilly day. I love the energy of this show. She covers all bases in the spiritual, practical and embodied spaces and I love that she makes it welcoming for everyone. Everyone can get something from any one of her episodes. Elizabeth is the embodiment of TRUTH and JUSTICE (while also being human) and so is this podcast. I’ll never tire from listening.


I have been following Elizabeth on Instagram for a few months now and her daily inspiration has really helped me shift my thinking…to discover that she had a podcast that was soon to be reborn, I was over the moon! She, as always, has not disappointed. I love her wise words. She breaks everything down in ways we can all relate to. Thank you for being a blessing and shining your light always.


Meet Elizabeth

“Never ask permission to express your soul’s desire.”

I spent many years dialing down my desires for the benefit of others. Through my search for meaningful work and purpose, I stopped doing that. My deepest desire now is to help women embody self love, healing, wholeness and liberation.


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